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Zumba Kids (Xbox360) Review


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Formats: Xbox360 (Kinect required)
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A high energy game that has just the right blend of great songs and kid friendly visuals.

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It is a true workout - be prepared for some sore muscles.

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Zumba Kids is high on energy and big on fun, bringing a colorful Zumba experience that feels more like a cool dance party than the high impact workout it really is.

Posted November 29, 2013 by

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Let’s get ready to Zumba!zumba-kids_screen_07

The holidays are here, and with them comes the age old question, “What do I buy the kids on my list?” Whether you need a gift for your dance crazy niece, your grandkids who are stuck inside due to frigid weather, or your child who just needs to get off the couch more often, a fitness game can be a great choice – provided it’s a game the kids will actually want to play. Most kids love to dance, and Zumba Kids is billed as “the ultimate Zumba dance party” – and it certainly has all the elements to prove their claim. With a variety of high energy songs and a ton of dance club inspired moves, it feels more like a dance game than exercise. But make no mistake – exercise it definitely is. This is a game that will likely leave you panting for breath, and still begging for more.

Zumba Kids is set up like most exercise and dance games, with a choice between playing through a quick song or going through a preset routine. It uses the kinect sensor to monitor your movements, so there’s no need to hold a controller while you’re busting a move. You begin by selecting how you would like to play – either quick play or a full party. Quick play is just what it sounds like – choose any song, and play it through. Full party is workouts of varying lengths – 20, 45, and 60 minutes – which basically just automatically plays through songs until your desired workout length has been reached. You can also set up a custom class, where you can create your own song playlists.

Zumba Kids - Screen 5

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be treated to colorfully and trendily dressed kids who are quite talented dancers leading you in a dance inspired routine against an outdoor background that gets artistically drawn in as the song progresses. As you follow along, the kinect gauges how well you are mirroring their moves, and awards points and stars accordingly. As you dance, messages pop up on the screen listing your zumba streaks and letting you know when you hit a move just right, and things like stars and music notes explode on the screen. It’s all very bright and colorful without being so distracting that you can’t follow the dances – a perfect note for the kids the game is intended for (although quite a lot of fun for the adults in the family too).

There are thirty songs to choose from, and every one of them is fast paced, high energy, and just plain fun to dance/workout to. They range from instantly recognizable kid favorites like “I Like To Move It” and “Beauty and a Beat” to Latin favorites like “Carnaval, Carnaval” and “Oye Como Va” to a pumped version of the classic “Fur Elise.” It’s really a wide range of song types – the big names like Willow Smith and Justin Bieber will draw kids right away, but they’ll soon be rocking out just as hard to Surfaris and Earth, Wind & Fire. It’s an appealing mix of old and new favorites.

Zumba Kids - Screen 2

Zumba Kids is high on energy and big on fun, bringing a colorful Zumba experience that feels more like a cool dance party than the high impact workout it really is. With a great mix of music and dance types ranging from trendy hip hop to a pumped up ballet routine, it’s sure to offer something for everyone in your family. This is an exercise game your kids won’t mind playing – and it’s a lot of fun for the adults too.


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