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Amplitude (PS4) Review

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Formats: PS4 and PS3
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8.5/ 10

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  • Simple Gameplay
  • Easy to play
  • Fun

Not So Much?

  • Lack of recognisable Artists

Final Fiendish Findings?

Amplitude is a nice arcade style game where you can pick up and spend hours playing without realising it.

Posted February 22, 2016 by

Final Fiendish Findings?

armonix decided to remake one of the cult classics of the PS2 era, Amplitude. I confess I had never heard of Amplitude until this review and I have to say from playing Amplitude on the PS4 I wish I had.

The remake of Amplitude was funded on Kickstarter and clearly still has a lot of fans with fond memories of the PS2 version. Amplitude is a rhythm based games, from the makers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. One of the many differences with Amplitude is that you are flying a spaceship and have 6 neon lanes to choose from where you need to shoot studded markers to play a particular part of the track such as drums, bass or vocals. You can really mix the tracks while playing which is one of the great things about Amplitude.

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While you’re shooting those highlighted studs you need to make sure you are keeping your streak level high by not missing any studs or when you are done with a particular instrument moving over to another lane to carry on the flow of the track. I found this part makes multiplayer so much fun especially when you both end up on the same lane and you were on a hot streak, also the fact you are working together to keep the flow of the track going while still trying to beat each other in points. The point system is very simple you get one point for shooting each stud using L1 for left R1 for middle and R2 for the right stud on your lane. Your ship also gets boosters and this will vary depending on the ship you choose, which makes choosing your ship actually an important part of the game rather than just liking the colour and look of the ship.

If you miss too many studs on your lane this will cause your ship to lose energy and if you continue to do so then the game will end. If you can get to a checkpoint your ship will recover it’s energy. If you complete specially highlighted lanes then you will be rewarded with powers such as being able to slow down the track or cleanse a few seconds of the track.

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The tracks on Amplitude may not be to every ones liking and in all honesty the type of music isn’t really something I would listen to, but it works with the game and I don’t mind it when I’m playing and mixing the tracks. There are in total 15 tracks from indie titles such as Skullgirls and Transistors. Although I believe some will be disappointed with the lack of mainstream music to play and mix with.

Amplitude also comes with a campaign mode where you are passing through the brain of a comatose patient and by completing the songs you will eventually be able to wake them up. No I didn’t just make that up, and yes it does sound strange but it actually fits in quite well when you are playing campaign mode. I appreciate some effort of a story and reason to campaign rather than nothing at all.

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Amplitude is a nice arcade style game where you can pick up and spend hours playing without realising it. The game itself will continually challenge you with its different difficulty settings, as you continue to play and become better you start to realise how best to navigate between the 6 lanes and to maximise the number of points you can get. The game will make those die hard fans of Ampltude more than happy and for new fans it may lose its appeal for the lack of recognisable artists. But in terms of gameplay this is a game anyone can pick up, play and enjoy.

Guest Reviewer: Saqib Amed

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Family Fiends Findings?

  • Rated E For Everyone by the ESRB & 3 by PEGI
  • Music rhythm game with no violent elements 


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