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DECK (Wireless Speaker) Review



Platforms: Wireless bluetooth speaker (but can be used with old school devices as well).
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Offers a wide range of features for all types of use, in an easy to use and highly portable package.

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Currently selling at around $150, you'll have to pay for that functionality.

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Hit the deck! You are about to be blasted with some amazing sound. SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola have teamed up to bring you the perfect solution to your summer beach party, dorm room hangout, or hands free conference call. The DECK is a sleek, compact unit that packs a lot of great features into its […]

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Full Fiendish Findings...

Hit the deck! You are about to be blasted with some amazing sound.
SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola have teamed up to bring you the perfect solution to your summer beach party, dorm room hangout, or hands free conference call. The DECK is a sleek, compact unit that packs a lot of great features into its deceptively small package. It’s easy to use and oh so portable – the perfect piece of tech to take you from the lazy days of summer to the rocking nights of fall.

At first glance, there isn’t a whole lot to the DECK. The speaker itself is really quite small, measuring roughly seven by four inches. It easily fits into a purse, briefcase, or backpack, and it comes with a small carrying case to protect it on the go.  The unit we received is black in color, but you can also find it blue, yellow, or red if you like a little color in your life. The front of the device has a small button marked with the Motorola symbol – you use this to switch between modes, pause the music, skip tracks, make calls, and more. This button is aptly called the multi-function button, and the included manual gives you a quick rundown of how to use it. It’s surprisingly intuitive, and you’ll quickly find yourself switching from a call to the next track with ease.

The front of the DECK also holds unobtrusive plus and minus signs, which obviously control volume. This little device packs R2 sound engines, so it really puts out a lot of sound. Because it is designed to lay flat, it puts out a nice 360 degree range on that sound too – any seat’s a good seat with this speaker. But sometimes you need just a little bit more sound – especially if you’re rocking out in the outdoors. The outdoor mode offers a surprisingly rich boost of sound that is really noticeable. We used it at a busy campground and had no trouble drowning out everything within close range with our choice of tunes. You do lose a little bit in sound clarity when you switch to outdoor mode, but the extra volume is well worth it (and it isn’t all that noticeable in an outdoor setting anyway).

And now we come to my favorite feature, and the thing that really sold me on the DECK – Heist mode. This is a bluetooth speaker, which means you can easily connect your wireless device with no cords or adaptors needed (although you do have the option to connect your old school devices as well, if need be). To connect the device, simply make sure your device has bluetooth switched on and flip the bluetooth switch on the DECK (it stays on for five minutes at a time, saving on battery but giving ample time to connect). DECK automatically enters pairing mode, and you simply need to select it on your device and wait for the little tone telling you it works. Each device paired up to DECK will get its own color, which will light up on the front panel of the speaker. Each device, because you can pair up to five different devices at a time. Yes – five.

Now, maybe it’s just me and my particular group, but I instantly saw the potential in this.  Pairing to DECK allows you to play your tunes instantly from your device – but all of your friends can do the same. Don’t like that Weird Al song your nephew insists on playing? Queue up some Anthrax and switch it mid-song. Of course, your hippie friend can do the same, so you might go from head banging to chanting in a rather abrupt moment. It’s awesome – and it works perfectly. DECK truly switches seamlessly from song to song (and the assigned colors makes it easy to see who just heisted your favorite jam).

DECK is loads of fun for a big party or small get together, but it also has a lot to offer when you’re on your own. If you’re anything like me, your rockout sessions are often interrupted from phone calls. When paired with your device, DECK automatically pauses your music when a call is incoming. From there, you can either just answer your phone (your music will automatically will resume as soon as you finish your call), or use DECK as a speakerphone. You can even reject calls and voice dial through the device – super handy.

Using a combination of light colors and a cool futuristic voice, DECK keeps you informed on the status of your device When switching modes, the device will literally tell you which mode is engaged, and you can hold down the volume buttons to hear how much battery life is left. And that too is impressive, with a rechargeable battery that plays and plays for up to ten hours on a charge – doubly impressive considering the 300 foot wireless range on the device. It easily charged with the included cord and adaptor (which handily enough has an extra usb port on it so you can charge your phone at the same time if you like).

DECK is the wireless speaker you have been looking for. With tons of functionality, a hilarious heist mode that allows you and your friends to duke it out as djs, rich sound, and a battery that keeps going as long as you do – what more could you ask for? Whether you’re looking for a multi-function device that can go from work calls to productivity tunes in an instant, or a portable sound box for rocking out with your friends anywhere and everywhere, DECK comes through on all of its promises.


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