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The Falconeer trailer – a flying game to look up?

The Falconeer logo
The Falconeer logo

Sometimes a trailer is released and has exactly the effect it must have been going for – “I want to know more about that.” That’s the reaction I had today when seeing the trailer for The Falconeer (link), a one-person project by developer Tomas Sala.

Thematically, the idea of flying a mounted creature while fighting both machines and monstrosities above a devastated world puts me in mind of the Panzer Dragoon series; but what we’re seeing here looks a lot more freely flowing. It appears the world will be at least partly open, as the accompanying press release talks not only of players choosing a path (“a noble cause” contrasted to “the life of a rogue”), but also of exploring the world and encountering numerous factions.

The Falconeer screen

I’m honestly fascinated to see a world where these elements all sit with each other.

There is a lot of striking scenery on display in that trailer, of churning seas and vast caverns, erupting volcanoes and what even looks like floating structures. I cannot lie – my gut reaction was one of curiosity, the desire to see just what the designer has put between me and the horizon, and then beyond that horizon.

Of course, the game will be as good as the gameplay. On face value this appears it’ll be fairly action oriented, with ranged combat between the bird riders, combat vehicles, and right at the end appearing to suggest a dragon for good measure. Will this be fun? I sincerely hope so. Will this interfere with my desire to take a peek over the next horizon? I really do hope not.

This feels like one I want to keep an eye on.

The Falconeer is due for release next year on PC and Xbox One.


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