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World War Z: Kill It With Fire update released today

World War Z logo
World War Z logo

I will admit, I didn’t expect to enjoy World War Z as much as I did, and based on its sales at release – it topped the all-format chart that week – I wasn’t the only one. The mixture of third person shooter, team based survival, and class-roles… none of it was original, nor was it based on the most beloved of movies, yet it came together and worked well.

I wonder if developer Saber Interactive didn’t expect it either, as some part of the game felt unfinished – the missing third chapter of the Tokyo level felt most notably absent, added two months after release. But from then on, everything has felt like an addition rather than a completion, and as such while today’s content may be “more of the same”, it is welcome as that.

World War Z screenSo we reach the fourth update, named Kill It With Fire (ironically this was explicitly not recommended in the Zombie Survival Guide, the accompanying book to the novel World War Z). Today’s expansion is a free release – though it looks like there will be paid expansions at some point on the horizon – adding extra levels in the New York and Moscow campaigns, a flamethrower to… well, probably set fire to teammates with, and the option of prestiging the classes when you reach the level 30 cap.

What does prestiging offer? From the initial description, it’s both weapon and cosmetic perks. But in the greater scheme of things? Well, as a game with a limited amount of content – but content that has proven to be satisfying played repeatedly with friends – having an extra carrot to motivate you to keep going can only be a good thing.

Of course, the big update we’re waiting for – the long promised horde mode – has not yet arrived, due for release (as another free update, which rather sweetens things) as the next major patch. But at least until then we’ve got this to get our teeth into…

World War Z: Kill It With Fire update is released today


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