Posted April 24, 2016 by Amy in Family Fiends

Mom’s Little Helpers: Diono Stow ’n Go and Stuff ’n Scuff Review


For most parents, life with kids involves a ton of stuff and a whole lot of mess, and the family ride is often ground zero for both. Keeping your family organized in the car (or mini van) is often a frustrating and expensive exercise in futility. You can buy all the expensive totes you like, but if they aren’t within reach of the kids while you’re on the road, they don’t solve the most basic problem: keeping your kids occupied during your commute without destroying your vehicle.

Enter the Stow ’n Go and Stuff ‘ Scuff, both by Diono. They are two different options for the same issue, providing the right amount of coverage for your needs. The Stuff ’n Scuff is a seat protector for your car. No, it isn’t going to make your kids stop kicking the back of your seat while you’re driving, but it will keep your seats from getting destroyed in the process. It has full coverage for the back of your seat, and two handy pockets go across the top of it, providing handy storage for art supplies, kleenexes, sippy cups, snacks, Hot Wheels cars, and anything else your kids want to shove in there. Though it doesn’t provide a ton of storage space, it’s just enough to keep a few necessities within reach of your kids.

The Stow ’n Go also fully covers the back of your seat, but its main function is storage. The entire surface is filled with pockets of various sizes, to keep all of your kids’ junk contained and within arm’s reach. Most of the pockets are mesh, which makes them easy to see through and easier to keep clean (all the crumbs will just fall through). Some of the pockets are perfectly sized for sippy cups and/or bottles, and there’s even an enclose pocket that will nicely fit an ipad or other similarly sized tablet. All of this is made in the same, easy to clean waterproof fabric as the Stuff ’n Scuff, and both are incredibly easy to install. You simply loop the elastic across the top of the headrest, and pull the bottom cords to hook under your seat. It’s really simple, holds securely, and just as easy to remove.


With family vacation season just around the corner, the Stow ’n Go and Stuff ’n Scuff are the perfect additions to your family ride. Whether you choose just one that’s right for your family, or both for maximum coverage and storage, it’s one less thing to worry about when travel time comes around.


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