Posted February 29, 2016 by Amy in Family Fiends

Best Ball (Family Fiends) Review


“Get on it!”

The exercise ball craze is well into swing, and it’s easy to see why. As far as home gym equipment goes, they’re a relatively inexpensive way to get started on the road to fitness. With beach weather right around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to get a little more toned and a little less flabby before swimsuit season comes around. Though a lot of exercise balls are pretty much identical to each other in form and function, the Best Ball has a unique way of setting itself apart from the crowd.

Best Ball is actually shaped a bit like a cartoon jellyfish, with a rounded top and a fluted bottom. Though the shape seems a bit odd at first, it acts to stabilize the user in a way that other exercise balls can’t do. This makes it far easier to sit on (or exercise on) without tipping over. The fluted bottom also acts as a handle of sorts to use when exercising, making some previously difficult actions simple, both because there is something to hold onto and because it’s harder to send yourself crashing face first into the floor. The ball naturally stays centered, providing stability as well as resistance during exercises.


The Best Ball has its unique shape going for it, but it also has a lot going for it in terms of size and sturdiness. It comes un-inflated, with a step pump to get it aired up. This does take quite a while, but shouldn’t need to be done often at all. There is a peg that must be inserted to keep the ball from deflating, and though it is quite difficult to get inserted snugly, once in it keeps everything sealed up tightly. Standing over two feet tall, the Best Ball is much larger than you’d expect. This makes it a perfect height for even larger adults to sit comfortably. And because the shape of the ball keeps it centered, children and shorter adults alike are able to safely sit as well.

Though there are plenty of exercise videos out the there featuring a variety of exercise programs with these types of balls (including some made specifically for the Best Ball), even those not interested in fitness will find that the Best Ball can be a great addition to their household. Even without any sort of back support, the Best Ball makes a great seat. Because of the way you must sit to comfortably perch on the ball, it naturally straightens your posture, providing much needed relief for those of us with back issues. The ability to bounce while seated helps with restlessness too, providing a way to both sit comfortably and get some wiggles out at the same time. My children loved using it for video game time, and even with all the bounces and wiggles they gave to it, the Best Ball stood up to the test, holding its air without needing re-inflating despite weeks of use.


Whether you’re looking for a great ball to add to your exercise program, or some interesting seating options for your family room, the Best Ball has a lot going for it. With its generous size and 275 lb weight limit, it’s a stability ball that your whole family can enjoy. The Best Ball offers quality and stability for exercising, stretching, or just hanging out – and it’s able to stand up to the test of a busy household.


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