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HIDEit PS4 Controller Mount Review


For the gamer who has everything – a controller mount!

So if you’re in to mounting things, you’re going to love HIDEit Mounts. They are the perfect way to take your gaming area from disaster to magnificent in just a few easy steps. You can check out our review of their PS4 Mount here (spoiler: we loved it). It’s a simple way to free your living area from all the cords and consoles that take up seemingly every available surface. It’s also a fantastic way to protect your valuable electronics from spilled drinks and flying controllers (er…not that that would ever happen). If you’re looking to start a little smaller – or maybe you’ve already mounted your consoles – the Controller Mount is the next step to completely organizing (and protecting) your gaming hoard.

The PS4 Controller Mount is just exactly what it sounds like – a simple stand that allows you to store your controllers up on the wall, rather than on your coffee table, tv stand, and/or floor. If you’re the type who likes things clean and simple, you can mount it behind your tv so it’s out of sight. Or, if you’re the type who likes to proudly display their gaming accessories of choice, you can put them at arm’s reach. All you need is a bare space of wall and you’re ready to start the super simple installation process.

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The controller mount itself is one smooth sleek piece of black metal. It’s pretty minimalistic, designed to fade into the background. There is a square plate that will set flush against the wall – this has two holes in it for mounting. From the square, it flows down into a little cradle to rest the center of your controller on. To install, simply attach it to the wall using the included screws, and you’re done. It really is as simple as that, and you won’t need to have a ton of tools on hand either, which is always a plus.

Once your controller mount is attached to the wall, it’s ready to gently cradle your precious controller like the delicate piece of hardware it is. The standard PS4 controllers sit rest nicely on top of the cradle. Because the controller doesn’t actually need to attach to the mount, you can just grab it and play with no delay – and you’ll always be able to find your controller, because it has its own spot. On the other hand, because the controller doesn’t actually securely attach, it is vulnerable to being knocked off, so make sure you mount it in a safe location.

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What do you get the gamer who has everything? A sweet mount to keep their controller safe and at the ready. It’s easy to install, low profile, and ever so handy for keeping your gaming area in shape.


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