Posted September 29, 2015 by Amy in Features

HIDEit 4: PS4 Mount Review


“You wall mounted your TV, now mount everything else.”

It’s a perennial problem, finding enough space for all of your beloved electronics. Particularly in smaller spaces, it can be tough to find shelf space for everything, and all of those shelves take up much needed floor space. HIDEit Mounts provide a seemingly perfect solution to the space issue. Just like you can wall mount your tv, why not wall mount everything else as well? It solves the space problem nicely, and keeps everything looking neat as well. But are they really the right solution for your space hogging electronics?

To work, a good wall mount has to be easy to mount, sturdy, and secure. And since we’re thinking minimalistically over here, it should have a pretty low profile as well. The HIDEit 4 mount fits the low profile bill quite nicely, with the mount being made up of just a single piece of sturdy metal to slide your PS4 right into. It is mounted to the wall with two screws, making for a fairly simple installation. Simply locate the studs in your wall, drill a couple holes, and attach it to the wall. You’ll want to make sure it’s nice and level, but other than that the whole process is pretty painless.


Once you have the mount attached to the wall in the perfect position (make sure you’ve left enough clearance for discs coming in and out), it’s time to actually slide the PS4 into the mount. This requires a bit of faith, because it feels a little reckless to trust your precious pricey console to a small piece of metal (shouldn’t there be about a hundred different locks and chains to be extra sure?). That being said, the console settles snugly into its new home, with nary a wiggle to be seen, and it provides the perfect no frills solution for getting those electronics out of the way. Once your PS4 is installed into its final resting place (not nearly as ominous as it sounds), it blends seamlessly with the mount. Your PS4 is securely mounted to your wall, without any unnecessary frills.


The HIDEit 4 – PS4 mount is the perfect solution for saving space and keeping things neat in your gaming area. It puts your PS4 up out of the way, and it does it in an unobtrusive manner that won’t stand out, no matter how your room is decorated. The HIDEit mount is easy to install, and provides a safe and secure spot for your console.


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