Posted August 17, 2015 by Amy in Books

Book Scavenger (Book) Review


“Book Scavenger – where life is a game and books are the tokens”

Emily is on the road again. As the daughter of serial movers, she is used to picking up and moving every year or so, but it hasn’t gotten any easier to make new friends in the latest state. But this move might just be the best one they’ve made. Emily’s parents are on a mission to live in all fifty states, and the latest is California. And California is the home of Emily’s favorite person in the world – Garrison Griswold.

Garrison Griswold is the creator of Book Scavenger, a scavenger hunt where users hide books in unexpected places. The hiders then register their books online, leaving an encrypted clue to help others find the book. It’s great fun, and it’s book-loving Emily’s favorite thing to do. Being in San Francisco means Emily just might get to participate in one of Griswold’s famous games. Better yet, Emily quickly makes a new friend in James, the landlord’s grandson, when the two bond over their love of puzzles. Yes, California is looking like the best state yet, even if Emily does still wish they could have stayed in one place and developed roots like the other kids.

Emily and James, along with Emily’s music loving brother Matthew come across a mysterious book, The Gold-Bug, and Emily is convinced that it is the start of Griswold’s new game. There isn’t any way to know for sure, though, because Emily’s idol lies unresponsive in the hospital after being shot. Emily is determined to figure out the clues in the game, as she is sure Griswold would have wanted her too, but it isn’t an easy task. Everything seems to be against her, from arguments with her best friend, to puzzles that are maddeningly hard to solve, to a number of people who are determined to take the book away from her. If Emily wants to solve this puzzle, she’ll have to keep her wits – and her friends – about her.

Book Scavenger is a fabulous read. It’s full of twists and turns, with plenty of mystery surrounding the question of who is trying to stop Emily in her quest. It’s completely appropriate for even younger readers, yet entertaining for book lovers of all ages. It’s a great book to get kids back in the swing of reading as the school year begins.


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