Posted August 16, 2015 by Amy in Books

CREATIV (Magazine) Review



In today’s digital world, the idea of shelling out for an actual physical copy of anything can seem outdated, perhaps too much trouble to be worth. To be sure, the shift to digital copies of everything from books to video gams in environmentally sound and oh so convenient. But once in a while, an item comes around that’s worth having in physical form, there to be flipped through for inspiration, or just a bit of beauty to brighten your day, and Creativ magazine fits that bill perfectly, with vibrant photos and full color images covering every page.

Creativ is a magazine that highlights creativity in all its many forms, from the obvious, such as incredibly talented artists who do amazing things with a variety of different mediums, to less obvious innovators like an astrophysicist who shares the beauty of the cosmos. Though there are interviews and write-ups on many of the innovators featured in the magazine, it is instantly obvious that Creativ is all about the aesthetics. Many of the images featured cover a full two page spread, and they take top billing. There is far less reading involved in Creativ than in your average magazine, but the images are often stunning, and always vibrant and clear.

Physically speaking, Creative is incredibly sturdy for a magazine. In fact, it feels much closer to a paperbook book in quality and construction than to your average magazine. Each page is made of a heavyweight glossy paper that should stand up well to many page-throughs, and the quality of the aesthetics makes the issues perfect to double as coffee table books. We looked through three different issues, and each one offered both the same high quality construction as well as images that are visually striking and often inspiring.

If you’re looking for a magazine that offers both eye candy to inspire your own creativity, and a look at the many ways that innovators across the globe express their creativity, Creativ Magazine is a perfect blend. Though it offers much more in the way of looking than actual reading, the many stunning photographs and works of arts included in each issue’s pages will leave you feeling inspired.


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