Posted April 21, 2015 by Peter in Demo

Weaponographist demo launches – and the speedruns begin!

Weaponographist logo
Weaponographist logo

It is obvious when speaking to Danny Garfield, developer of The Weaponographist, just how much he loves speedrunning games. So it seems fitting that the launch of the Weaponographist demo has been marked by Puuba Games and Mastertronic running a speedrun competition.

The demo – available on the Steam page here – gives you a couple of levels to grind through, gaining an eclectic selection of weapons which decay, hopefully just giving you time to take down the next few enemies and take their weapons too…

The rules of the competition are given as follows:

Each day, April 20-26 (ending 11:59 pm PST), three players with the fastest times for completing dungeon Depth 2 in the demo will each win a free copy of the game. To enter, take a screenshot of your post-game results and:

1) Share it via Twitter with the hashtag #Weaponographist, or…

2) Post your screenshot in the The Weaponographist Steam Community hub.

What have you got to lose? Except your equipment, experience points, or demon hunter Doug McGrave’s pride?

The Weaponographist is released on April 29th.


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