Posted October 24, 2014 by Tom Chambers in News

Portal Plot Holes Filled With New DLC: ‘Conversion’


Ever wondered what happened in between the events of Portal and Portal 2?

We already know that GLaDOS was murdered by Chell, then accidentally revived by Chell and then Wheately goes rogue, GLaDOS is imported to potato form then finally, Wheately is projected into space with the cute little space sphere and all ends well (maybe not for Wheately). Meanwhile, SignHead Studios have been working on new content that allows the player to experience the intervening years between the two award winning games.

The download will contain some new features and constructs, such as: The Security Core and The Administration Core with two new characters, Ben and August whilst appearances from GLaDOS and Wheately will emerge. According to the Steam page there will be a new area for players to explore, dubbed ‘The Lost Complex’ which will feature game play never before seen in the portal games.

There isn’t much information surrounding a release date for the DLC, apart from, it will be available for full download next year.

Check out the teaser here:

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