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Xbox Live Reputation Levels Revealed

Xbox Live Reputation Trollface
Xbox Live Reputation Trollface

As we reported last week, Microsoft will bejazzle your gamercards with a Red/Yellow/Green status to indicate to other players whether you’re a nice person to play with, or a total **** ******* ****!

The system primarily works on a “time gaming online” vs “Number of times reported” in order to tag your gamercard with an assessment to others about your behaviour online. This kind of open naming and shaming may not necessarily stop the unbashedly nasty gamer from continuing to be a bellend, but it will give others the chance to give them a wide berth. Which is nice.

The algorithm matches against repeated complaints over a long period of time in order to adjust a gamer’s reputation. However it is also designed to nullify instances where bad tempered gamers file reports against people who have done nothing more than simply beaten them fair and square, or played in a style that they’re unhappy with (Hello Campers!).

Xbox Live Reputation Image

For the many players though, no such reports are filed and the good news is that the system will automatically place those people as “good players”, and as mentioned last week, plans are afoot to start offering rewards to people who consistently maintain a good reputation. It is believed that this is where a sizable majority of gamers will end up, meaning that the Red/Amber players should stick out like a sort thumb.

Those in the yellow “warning” will receive direct communications from Xbox Live in order to highlight the deteriorating reputation score and to foster a more positive behaviour online. In addition to the rewards for good players, there will also be ramifications for those who wind up in the “Avoid Me” red category. Matchmaking will be altered to avoid such players dragging down other gamer’s online enjoyment, and certain functions of the Xbox Live service, such as Twitch streaming, could be revoked.

I don’t know about you, but a CoD match with wholly red gamercards could probably make for some of the most entertaining (and sweary) Twitch streams ever!

Source: Micheal Dunn – Xbox Wire


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