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International Steampunk Fashions (Book) Review


With its retro-futuristic vibe and stunning creativity, Steampunk is a trend that has taken the world by storm. Gears and goggles meld with waistcoats and bustles to make a style that is as distinct as it is unique. Though Steampunk as a whole is generally instantly recognizable, the range of styles encompassed under that name are surprisingly varied. Each Steampunker has their own interpretation, and lend their own creativity to the mix.

From hand crank chainsaws to top hats and corsets, International Steampunk Fashions covers a wide range of Steampunk styles within its 192 pages. The book begins with a foreword by G.D. Falksen, who gives a nice introduction to Steampunk as a whole, covering everything from its origins to why the heck there are so many gears to the source of its appeal. Whether you’re completely new to Steampunk or an old hat, it’s an interesting look at a somewhat unusual pastime.

The book itself is divided into sections which showcase a variety of Steampunk fashions, beginning with Europe. The pages are a combination of full page and smaller pictures, with no text at all beyond photo credits. Although many times I would have liked to know a bit more about the people pictured, or the inspirations behind the costumes and accessories, the format works well overall as it gives the fashion front stage – as it should be for a book about fashion, Steampunk or otherwise.

The photos are full color, featuring a variety of models both male and female. Though the models are pictured in a variety of settings, the many different fashions take front and center, dominating the photographs with everything from Victorian inspired lingerie to a Steampunkish zombie hunting outfit. It’s a wonderful conversation starter, and the creativity amongst the pages may just inspire a new Steampunk outfit of your very own. In addition to clothing, the book features jewelry, hats, and accessories to accentuate the outfits for a well rounded look.

The author of the book, Victoriana Lady Lisa, filled the pages with photographs submitted by Steampunkers all over the world. Directly following the photographs, readers are treated to a section filled with biographies submitted by a number of the models. It is here that we get a look at the people who make Steampunk what it is, and they are as creative and unique as the costumes they proudly display.

International Steampunk Fashions is an eye-catching hardcover volume filled to the brim with all the Steampunk fashion you could ask for. Featuring real Steampunk devotees from around the world, it offers a well-rounded look at the passion and fashion of Steampunk.


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