Posted March 19, 2014 by Adam in News

Microsoft To Reward Niceness on Xbox Live

Xbox Live Logo
Xbox Live Logo

Oi Bellend! Don’t be rude on Xbox Live and you’ll stand a chance of being rewarded by those nice folks from Microsoft!

My main beef with the Xbox Live service, when I had an Xbox 360 and an account of course, was the inveitable wall of foul language and hateful homophobic and/or racist language that would be routintely spewed out across the headsets. With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft have been keen to try and resolve this long standing issue with its user community.

In this case, the company plans to reward Xbox One players for being nice and playing nice. Future updates to Xbox Live are expected to promote this even further using a “reputation algorithm” to help identify those players who are seen to be good and productive members of the community. This builds upon the current iteration of the reputation system which is currently used to identify players who are blocked or muted by a large percentage of those who play against them. This can ultimately lead to deprecation during matchmaking.

Microsoft’s Frank Savage revealed the plans of the GDC 2014 conference. The carrot approach builds nicely on top of the existing punishment mechanisms, however the rewards themselves are yet to be revealed in full. It is most likely that, as with the negative feedback, the gamercard will help players identify how positive their reputation currently is.

Has their current implementation yielded any noticeable changes? Do you think this move is one that might help foster a more friendly community on Xbox Live? Give us your thoughts below.


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