Posted March 2, 2014 by Amy in Android

Color Cables Review


Glow in the dark Charge & Sync Cables

What a great idea – charging cables that glow in the dark. It completely eliminates the whole fumbling in the dark for your cord after some quality online time in your cozy bed. Whether you’ve drained your battery watching videos on your iPad or checking Twitter on your phone, there’s a Color Cable to match your device.

Color Cables are much more than just a glow in the dark gimmick.  These are charging cables that offer the whole package. Going nicely along with the glow in the dark convenience, the end of the cable that plugs into the device features a groove on the top, ensuring that you are easily able to plug it in correctly the first time – no lights needed. Even beyond the idea of convenience in the dark, it’s a great feature for people of limited vision as well, as a simple thumb rub across the cable end easily identifies the correct positioning.

If you’re going to go the whole nine yards with a charging cable (with a price to match), making sure it’s durable is an absolute must. While I absolutely adore my Apple devices, I’m the first to admit that their cords are pure junk. Quite thin and easily twisted, those are cords that need to be replaced far more often than they should, especially if they are used on the go (or by children). The Color Cables charge and sync cables go for a more sturdy flat design that adds a lot of durability without adding much in the way of bulk (a plus for commuting). They are available in three and six foot lengths, giving you the right cord for the right job – smaller cords are great for the office, but a nice long cord is ideal for at home.


One of the simplest and yet most ingenious features of the Color Cables is their color. We have a number of touchy devices in our household that charge terribly (or not at all) when plugged into the wrong cord. They come in your choice of seven different colors, so you can customize your cords to your devices and get the right one every time (or color coordinate them with your outfits – we won’t judge). This is particularly important with devices like the iPad and earlier iPhones, which can use the same cord but charge at different rates.

I really enjoyed the Color Cables in general – especially their sturdiness and color choices, which make them ideal for the mini techies in your household – and the finger groove is a small thing that saves a lot of hassle flipping the cord up and down for the right connection. However, the convenience of the glow in the dark feature needs a slight caveat. Like any glow in the dark device, it requires a somewhat strong light source in order to perform properly once night rolls around. If you have them in a dimly lit bedroom or mostly hidden behind your desk, you won’t get that brightly lit glow.

The Color Cables Glow in the dark Charge & Sync Cables are a great fit for families or individuals looking for a better way to charge and sync. Offering a variety of fun colors for both convenience and style, a sturdy design, and convenient in the dark use, they have a lot going for them above the competition. They are currently only available through their IndieGoGo campaign, which you can find here.


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