Posted November 14, 2013 by Peter in News

X: Rebirth launch video sticks to game footage

X Rebirth logo
X Rebirth logo

Ahead of its release tomorrow, Egosoft and Tri Synergy have released an in-game trailer of the latest game in the X series, X: Rebirth.

The series has come a long way since 1999′s X: Beyond the Frontier, but appears to have kept contact with its roots – corporate empire building, various ways of keeping outer space looking visually impressive, and ambient synthesized music (albeit now sounds like there is more in the way of heavier beats and sounds mixed in).
X Rebirth screen
While the games owe a great deal to the template defined by the Elite series, they did carry their own ideas too, feeling like there was an actual connection between places in the universe – that freighter you’re considering attacking isn’t a randomly generated ship to pass, but one taking cargo from one space station to another; destroy it and it will interrupt the flow of trade for a while.

This appears to be one of the core elements aimed for with the new game – albeit on a larger scale than ever, as emphasised in this earlier video. Building on the connection between things is brave, although it will also be interesting to see if players manage to break the flow of the game with some tactical destruction…

X: Rebirth is released tomorrow (November 15th) for the PC.


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