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Does Size Really Matter? – An Interview With the Minds Behind Unhung Hero


Patrick Moote and Brian Spitz literally traveled the world in search of the answer to the age old question – does size really matter? What results is a hilarious and thought provoking documentary that examines the social and cultural issues behind a sensitive topic. Games Fiends had the opportunity to chat with both Patrick and Brian about life, love, and penises.
Unhung Hero has a rather unique premise. Tell us about it.

Brian: It’s the real life story about a guy who proposes to his girlfriend, she says no because he’s not a “good lover,” so he adventures the world for answers on how to become a “better lover”.  The film tackles the age-old question of size, YES, that is the central focus – penis size, does it matter, can you make it bigger and where all these ideas about size come from.  But it’s more importantly the extremely personal, emotional, brave journey Patrick exposes in front of the camera, confronting larger themes that men and women worldwide, young and old hopefully identify with.

Patrick: It started after a girl I was dating told me that my penis might be a little too small for her! That led the director Brian Spitz and I to wonder if “size matters” to women, and if it really does, is there any way to fix the problem? From there I basically tried everything we could find to enhance the size of my below average penis. In other words it’s just your typical coming of age story, with way more penis.

What inspired you to get out there and make the film?

Brian: Patrick is a good buddy who lives just down the street from me.  And when he finally eked out the reason behind his heartbreaking proposal fail, the reason why she said no, we gradually came to the conclusion this was a story we had to investigate further.  I was able to raise a little money from some financiers in Germany — so it was lights, camera, cockumentary…

Patrick: I was legitimately curious, and when Brian and I started to talk to people about my issue you could see how much they actually wanted to talk about it. We got to start a dialogue about a subject that I think people felt they’re not supposed to discuss.  I truly think everyone has a lot pent-up thoughts about it.

What do you hope viewers will take from their experience with Unhung Hero?

Brian: It was really important for me that this wasn’t just a documentary about size. We covered it, yes, but it’s hopefully informational and an emotional journey everybody can take something away from as well.  Every good story for me has a strong antagonist, something standing between your subject and his overall goal and sometimes it turns out that obstacle can be yourself, I guess.  I’m really hoping this documentary will energize and challenge the viewer to “just be good with yourself!” as Patrick concludes.  I hope this will be the larger conversation the documentary ignites.  I’ll never forget speaking with some elder members from one tribe in Papua New Guinea about their belief that if you alter your body for non-­‐life-­‐threatening reasons, you are actually disrespecting your mother and what she has given you.

Patrick: I hope they will realize that if you really embrace your insecurities, it disarms the people who would use them as ammunition against you. I sweat- a lot, but when I do I just say, “Man, I’m a sweaty dude. I need someone to invent a shirt made out of sponges.” You don’t always have to make a joke out of it, but if you truly embrace it as a part of who you are and what makes you different, they truly won’t be able to hurt you with it.

Unhung Hero features opinions from everyone from doctors and anthropologists to witch doctors and porn stars. Which ones were the biggest surprise, in terms of preconceptions or stereotypes?

Patrick: A lot of people on the more technical, or scholarly side of things pretty much came as advertised–wicked smart. They all knew what they were talking about, and were more than willing to school me on the topics. I was really surprised by a lot of adult entertainers. Not that I had ever underestimated them, but when you watch porn its easy to detach from the idea that these are real people, who have real lives, and families and all that. I got to know a few of them personally, and they’re all interesting, smart and very business savvy people… it does make it a little harder to watch porn now though, cause I start thinking, “I wonder what kind of investments she has her money tied up in?” or, ”Is she is more of a condo in the valley, or house in the OC kind of gal??” It’s a conundrum, but I’m glad to have gained a better perspective on things.

Was it difficult to find so many different characters willing to discuss such a culturally sensitive topic?

Patrick: Um, not really. I thought it might be, but there was literately a time when an entire family was going toe to toe on the issue. Mom and Dad thought it didn’t matter. The oldest son (who was gay) and youngest daughter thought it definitely did matter, and the middle daughter just thought I was a crazy person for talking to people about my penis. When we left, they were still talking about it. That was pretty much a typical afternoon for us.

Brian: Believe me, we had A LOT of people reject our requests.  And of course, Patrick always respected that.  It’s not a topic everybody wants to talk about…but it’s a topic everybody thinks about!  Certain cultures were more open to speaking about it than others. For example, people on the streets in San Francisco in the Castro District were more open to conversation than people on the streets of Seoul, Korea.   

Some of the techniques suggested for increasing size were rather unusual and/or terrifying. Which one was your favorite, and why?

Patrick: I don’t know if I really had a “favorite.” I did like jelqing, but that’s because it very quickly turned into something else that starts with a ‘j’ that I am also a big fan of.

Unhung Hero is described as a “cockumentary” (which makes me giggle just to type it, educated adult though I may be) – do you think approaching the topic with a sense of humor makes it more or less approachable? How so?

Patrick: It’s hard for me not to approach everything with a sense of humor. It’s not only my profession; it’s one of my favorite self-defense mechanisms. I also think it makes the film more approachable. We never wanted to make the audience feel uncomfortable, like they were being judged. We put it all on me; this is my problem and my journey and I’ll be dammed if it wasn’t going to be funny.

Can you share some interesting (or humorous) anecdotes from the making of the film?

Patrick: A young Korean woman explained to me that seeing a penis for the first time is like opening a gift on Christmas. Sometimes you are like, “OH” and sometimes you are like, “oh..” but either way you have to pretend that you like your gift. Oh, and that was right after she told me that she “prefers black guys.” She is also my favorite person ever.

For Patrick, the film sheds a light on a subject typically kept in the dark. How did you come to that decision, and how has the making of the film affected you personally?

Patrick: Well I am certainly talking about penis a lot more lately, I wasn’t exactly an expert before we started this project. I genuinely wanted to investigate this topic, and make the documentary so when we actually got an interested investor the decision was really easy. It has affected me very positively as a person, now if anyone is ever like, “you’ve got a small penis!” I’ll just be like, “Duh, I made a movie about it. That’s my material.” I am a much stronger person because of this project. A much stronger person who is trying to bring back the word “Duh.” So spread the word.

You’ve literally traveled the world to answer the question, “Does size really matter?” What is the one thing that you’d tell guys who are struggling with this issue in their own lives?

Patrick: The average female vagina is only 3.5 inches deep, and the clitoris is right up front. Now get to work.


*Unhung Hero will be available for purchase on DVD on December 6th of 2013*


Unhung Hero releases on DVD on November 26th, 2013.


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