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Kaijudo Elite Series Triple Strike (TCG) Review


Wizards of the Coast brings an elite new deck to their popular trading card game, Kaijudo.

The Elite Series Triple Strike deck has a lot to bring to the table for avid players of the Kaijudo trading card game, not the least of which is pure aesthetics. This is a deck that is all foil, and you just can’t beat the coolness factor of an entire deck of gold foil cards. As we’ve come to expect from the Kaijudo decks, the artwork on each of the cards is top notch, with beautifully drawn creatures and spells adorning the cards.

The Triple Strike in the deck’s name refers to the fact that this deck contains cards from three different civilizations – fire, water, and darkness. This is a great deck for those looking to add a lot of variety to their collection at once, while adding a solid control deck to your arsenal. In addition to the eye candy aspect, the Triple Strike deck gives players access to three exclusive cards, one in each of the three civilizations included.

In darkness, we have the Feral Scaradorable card. This somewhat formidable creature is a level five, 5000 attack Chimera that has a pretty cool ability. The Mindshred ability means that, “At the end of each of your turns, if this creature broke a shield that turn, your opponent puts the top card of his or her deck into his or her discard pile. If it’s a spell, banish target enemy creature. Otherwise, your opponent chooses and discards a card.”  This makes Squeaky a great choice for shield breaking.

In the water civilization, your exclusive card is Magnet Mech Glu-urrgle. He’s a level six, 6000 attack Cyber Lord who also happens to have Double Breaker ability (meaning he breaks two shields). If that isn’t good enough for you, he also possesses the Magnetic Grapple ability, where, “Whenever this creature attacks and isn’t blocked, you may return target creature that is level five or less from the battle zone to its owner’s hand.” Your opponents will need to be on their game, as this card can definitely turn things around when used correctly.

Finally, the third deck exclusive is the Rampaging Tatsurion. Easily the most powerful card in the deck, this Armored Dragon/Beast Kin packs a punch of 8000 (level seven). Like Magnet Mech Glu-urrgle, he is possessed of Double Breaker ability, which is always an asset. In addition, you get the Aftershock Shells ability, meaning “Whenever this creature wins a battle, banish target enemy creature that has power less than the losing creature’s power.” Again, this is a creature that definitely can change the whole course of the game in a round or two, amking it an invaluable addition to your favorite deck.

The exclusives alone make this a deck worth having, but you’ll also get an assortment of cards from all three civilizations that should really up your game. There are plenty of high level cards, like Moorna, Gatling Dragon, a Double Breaker that also has the ability to attack untapped creatures, Razorkinder, which can banish a target untapped enemy creature when it enters the battle zone, and Skull Shatter, a spell that forces your opponent to discard their hand. There is a nice assortment of middle and low level cards as well, from Aqua Seneschal, to Bone Blades, to Meteosaur, which offer a variety of abilities and spells to enhance your play.

The Elite Series Triple Strike deck has a lot to offer to Kaijudo trading card game players, both old and new. Whether you’ve been playing since it was released last summer, or just want to give it a shot now, this is a deck that offers a lot of bang for your buck. With cards from three different civilizations, three deck exclusive cards, and an envy inducing gold foil look, this deck is a must-have for your collection.


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