Posted July 10, 2013 by Ryan Larrabee in News

Grand Theft Auto V Gets Its First Real Gameplay Trailer

GTA V Marketing Begins In Earnest image
GTA V Marketing Begins In Earnest image

With only two months to go until launch, Rockstar have started ramping up the Grand Theft Auto V hype machine, and it all begins with our first full look at gameplay.

From the looks of it, Los Santos is brought into the present day extremely faithfully, as all of the glimpses of wilderness and the urban areas all feel very familiar. Of course, there are some very noteworthy additions, such as interactive wildlife, and of course underwater areas just off the coast. Though, we’re not here to look at the landscape…

While we’ve seen a few clips of gameplay before, this video gives us our first real taste of what to expect, which includes a return to some of the more airborne methods of transportation, such as the jet and parachute. There’s also a look at the in-game heists, and we finally get to see the fabled character switching in action, which is instant during missions, and zooms out to a Google Maps-style view, should your new character be somewhere across town. The real teaser here, however, is a short, sweet glimpse at the game’s multiplayer mode, showing a surprisingly large amount of characters on screen, doing what you normally do in a GTA game.

All in all, it looks like we’re getting a game that’s getting back some of the “fun” that many claimed Grand Theft Auto IV lacked. Unfortunately, this is making it frustratingly hard to wait until the game’s September release date.


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