Posted June 12, 2013 by Zeth in E3

The Dark Sorcerer tech demo looks spellbinding on PS4

Dark Sorcerer tech demo screen
Dark Sorcerer tech demo screen

The Dark Sorcerer was a brief snippet in Sony’s E3 conference earlier in the week. Since then developer Quantic Dreams have released the full 12 minute micro-movie.

So, to be clear, this is NOT a game. This is not a new IP from the French studio. It is, in fact, a tech demo that is demonstrating the power of their new game engine. The power of which is yet to be fully exploited according to David Cage, studio head at Quantic.

In a lengthy and pretty interesting blog post over on The Playstation Blog, Cage had the following to say about The Dark Sorcerer:

“The graphic quality obtained with relatively little effort was a spectacular improvement on PS3. We obviously expected this, going from the tech specs, but it’s one thing comparing the number of polygons per second, and it’s quite another seeing it on the screen. On PS4 everything looks great because the machine offers power that was totally inaccessible up until now. We can feel that we are closing in little by little on the kind of graphic quality we find in CG films.”

Cage continued, “The PS4 engine used for The Dark Sorcerer is only in its first iteration and most of the features scheduled for the final version of the engine haven’t yet been implemented. This demo is only a first test that is well below the visual quality we hope to achieve in our next game.”

Watch it in full below – crank it up full screen and in HD and just prepare to be blown away by the life-like reaction and emotions on the virtual performers faces…


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