Posted June 11, 2013 by Adam in E3

The Walking Dead – 400 Days DLC Announced

The Walking Dead 400 Days image
The Walking Dead 400 Days image

I mean, the DLC is called 400 days, not 400 days worth of DLC. Just in case you mis-read that.

TellTale games have released a rather muted video announcing not a second series of The Walking Dead (boo!) but new episode DLC for series 1 (yay!).

The single episode will focus on five different characters, which means that we can hopefully expect it to be significantly longer than the previous episodes. As you can see from the trailer above, whilst there is a lot of new characters and locations, there are just one or two things that suggests this episode will link into what players will have encountered in season 1.

More interestingly, you will be able to play through the five story lines in 400 Days in any order, and TellTale have confirmed that the choices you made from season 1 will impact certain parts of this episode. Better still, the actions in 400 Days will carry over into season 2.

No release date has been confirmed just yet.



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