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Duke Nukem 2 is back… again

Duke Nukem 2 to be released on iOS
Duke Nukem 2 to be released on iOS

Once upon a time, Duke Nukem titles were released in good time from each other, and received good reviews. Now, this may sound like a fairy tale after everything Duke Nukem Forever related, but two decades ago was far more the case. Going back to these roots, 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment have announced that a port of Duke Nukem 2 will be released this April on iOS.

In a suitably tongue-in-cheek launch trailer (linked above), promising “256 eye popping colours! More than three kick-ass weapons!”, shareware gaming as it stood in the 90s is shown to its fullest… platform-shooter gaming, bright colours, random item pick-ups, and most of all, imagination and fun.

Duke Nukem 2 to be released on iOS

Duke Nukem 2 on the iPad; graphically faithful to the 20 year old original – for better and for worse!

Quite how the game will be controlled isn’t established – whether any control method will be able to recreate the arrow keys of the original faithfully. But taking a franchise that had so overwhelmed itself with sex and violence (and delays, we can’t forget those) that it verged on self-parody, returning it to its roots that relied entirely on gameplay without gimmicks will hopefully be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Duke Nukem 2 will be available in April (the exact date not specified), for $1.99


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