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Kaijudo Dragon Master Collection Kit Review


The year of the dragon!

Finally you can show off all those Kaijudo cards you’ve been hoarding with serious style. With a sturdy storage box, handy carrying case, and shiny new dragon cards, the Kaijudo Dragon Master Collection Kit is a collector’s dream.

If you haven’t yet caught on to the Kaijudo craze, it’s the newest thing in trading card games. With an action packed cartoon series, the ability to play all your cards online, and sweet trading cards, it’s as collectible and playable as an gamer could want. Gamers each play with a deck of forty cards, with the object being to defeat all your opponent’s shields to win the game. It’s quite easy to pick up on even for younger gamers, yet still fun for adults as well (a great game for families to play together). All decks include a playing mat and a guide that explains how to play, so newcomers don’t have to fear being lost.

So let’s get right to the good stuff; what’s in the box? You’ll get a flexible plastic accordion style carrying case that carries (and protects) up to twenty cards. It’s the perfect way to carry around your favorites to show off to your friends. The cover sides feature a medieval style dragon motif that blends perfectly into your current Kaijudo collection (not to mention, it just looks cool). The case opens up to show twenty card slots, and fastens back together via sturdy straps with velcro closures, all topped with a rubber seal. All of that is in a compact size that should easily fit in a backpack, purse, briefcase, or even a large pocket.

What would a Kaijudo set be without some enviable new cards? This being a dragon set, buyers are treated to some brand new foil dragon cards (super rare) to add to their decks. You’ll get three each of the Necrodragon of Vile Ichor and Hammer Dragon Foulbyrn, which means you’ll have ready spares for trading, or a triple threat secret weapon for your deck. As if that isn’t enough, the kit also includes four 9-card booster packs to help grow your collection. As always, all the cards include online codes that can be used in the online Kaijudo gane at kaijudo.com.

And finally, the pièce de résistance. The focal point of the Kaijudo Dragon Master Collection Kit is is the deck box. With the capacity to hold up to 120 cards, you’ll have plenty of room to carry your favored decks and trusty spares alike along to your game night, school, or Kaijudo League events. The box is covered in a glossy finish, and is patterned to look like a wooden trunk with metal accents. Both the top and bottom of the box contain a graphic of a circle of dragons (head to tail) in muted colors. The box opens at the side, and pulls out like a drawer – a great feature to reduce accidental spills. The cutout for the drawer pull is arched with the symbols of the five civilizations.

While the outside of the box is a more understated cool, when you pull out the drawer, you get an immediate pop of color in the form of brightly colored creatures on either side. The overall look ends up to be both efficient and cool. If you’re buying for a young Kaijudo fan, I can vouch for the appeal to kids. My eight year old was just about drooling over the box as I tried to work on my review, exclaiming over the designs, the space, the pullout drawer, and just about everything else he saw. The Kaijudo Dragon Master Collection Kit is perfect gift for your young collector, and a handy tool for gamers of any age.

The Kaijudo Dragon Master Collection Kit is a great addition to your Kaijudo hoard. With a sturdy card case, enviable new dragon cards, a handy card wallet, and undeniable style, why would you want to carry your cards in anything else?


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