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Playstation 4 What you need to know – The Games

PS 4 Logo
PS 4 Logo

The Playstation 4 is a reality and what’s more essential than nailing a great console design? Making sure there are games worth playing on it!

A massive surprise to all happens to be that Sony had scores of games to actually show during this demonstration in New York today.  There where plenty to choose from.  Some scant demos, other 5 minute lonf real-time play throughs.  Here is a round-up of all the titles show and the teases for tech demos shown too!


  • Guerilla are making shooter based on struggle between Helghan and Vektar – looked spectacular with masses of debirs being rendered inscreen in real-time
  • Evolution Studios – Drive Club, name TM 9 years ago. concept being in the planning for years. Driging the best cars in the world in the best locations together. Team racing is the key. Drive Club centres in collaboration and playing otgether in teamss. Gameplaya bout challenges and reward group play rather than just race positions. App on phones lets you create challenges for player around the world to take on.First person used to create the whole experience and they’ve been crafted in minute details. Correct materials and parameters taken from the original plans . Loads of real-world details down to the paint layers and carbon fibre weave Even materials use a seperate reflector map so they’ll reflect things true to life.
  • Sucker Punch unveiled inFamous Second Son – Citizens develop super powers and threaten to unbalance the safety of the world. This appears to follow on from the second installment
  • PS will continue to support indie teams as well as help more established studios
  • Jonathon Blow -introduced The Witness which will be debuting on PS4 and exclusive on that console during the launch window – The Witness has been in development for past 3 years – It’s a puzzle game on a remote island and is about having multiple epiphanies  The Witness is an open world game where you can go anywhere at any time. They’re trying to make a compact open world to make the experience more dense. Promises new and interesting things around every corner. Every single item is placed for a game play reason.
  • Quantic Dreams – David Cage – Most wanted feature for him, emotion.   The PS4 is allowing them to put 30,000 polygons in to each model in the upcoming Beyond title.
  • Media Molecule – Using the Move and PS4 to make a freeform 3D scultor program – allowing for rapid and realtime creations and movies.  Demonstration was rapid and made creation and sharing look super easy.
  • Capcom using their new Panta Rhei engine to take advantage of new Playstation 4 technology and tools. Deep Down is a working title for a new IP from Capcom looking like a fantasy title.
  • Square Enix real time demo running on PS4 with their new engine shown back at E3.  They also announced that a Final Fantasy title is also in development for the system and more details will arrive later in the year.
  • Ubisoft showed more information in Watch Dogs.    Watching the new live demo of the title it’s easy to see this as the evolution to Assassin’s Creed.  The game moves rapidly in the third person, almost looking like an updated Sleeping Dogs but much slicker.
  • Blizzard Entertainment announced a new strategic partnership with Sony.  Looking to bring in console players via the new partnership.  The first title in this franchise will be Diablo 3.  Also coming to the Playstation 3 but optimised for the Playstation 4.  Up to four players on one systems also.  More information coming from Pax East.
  • Activision showed off Bungie’s new title Destiny on the Playstation 4.  Talked about the massive open world and the persistent universe that players will inhabit in the game.  The Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 versions will launch at the same time.  The Playstation 4 will be getting some exclusive DLC for Destiny as well.




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