Posted February 3, 2013 by Amy in Family Fiends

Super Snacks for Super Bowl


Whether you’re watching for the epic sportsmen or the epic commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is finally here. And (football and sweet ads aside), Super Bowl parties are all about the food. If you’ve been too busy laying bets on your favorites to even think about the food, don’t panic. We have some great ideas that will have you snacking in style, no matter which jersey you’re sporting.

Zesty Nacho Dip
This one is quick, easy, and completely unhealthy. Perfect football food! Simply melt some Velveeta cheese in the microwave, stir in a little milk and salsa, and you have a great cheese dip for your tortilla chips. It even goes great with your beer. Score!

Super Subs
Football’s a manly game that requires some manly sandwiches as accompaniment. We’ll have none of those little girly finger sandwiches at this big bash, thank you. Instead, grab a couple of loaves of french bread, slice them down the middle, and load them with every type of meat known to man. Add some cheese and a bit of mayo, and you have a man-wich that will live up to its name.

Pizza Pockets
It wouldn’t be Super Bowl without pizza, amirite? But trying to get one delivered on Super Sunday is an exercise in futility (and hunger). So why not throw out this fun variation? Grab some tortillas, load up one half with pepperoni, cheese, sauce, and whatever else you have laying around. Fold it over, and simply heat through in a sandwich maker (or on the stove), and you’ll have a sealed up pocket of pizza that will have your guests cheering.

Crushing Crab Dip
Super Sunday doesn’t have to be all wings and beer (although we can all agree those are an essential part). There’s no reason not to add a little class to your snack table with this easy crab dip. Simply slice up some crab (real or imitation), and mix in cream cheese, mayo, shredded cheese, chopped onions and/or celery, salt, and pepper. Serve with crackers for a tasty halftime snack. Fancy!

So there you have it – four championship quality additions to your party that don’t take any time at all to make. You won’t miss a minute of the pre-game show, and your guests won’t leave till long after the last pass is thrown. Game on!


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