Posted January 29, 2013 by Amy in Android

Gamble Away Your Commute….Not Your Cash


There’s nothing like a good game of chance to get your blood flowing, and the online variety can be had anywhere, anytime. But let’s face it, gambling can be spendy – and if you’re American, that whole internet gambling ban has likely cramped your style quite a bit in the last few years. Don’t worry, dear readers – there *is* quality gambling to be had on the go, and it won’t break the bank. Whether your game of choice involves a deck of cards or a bingo card, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best apps for gaming on the go. Get ready to get your gamble on.

Poker has always been a gambling classic, bringing to mind old school saloons and game ending shootouts. The popularity of such tournaments as the World Series of Poker tour led to an upsurge of online poker players. It seems like everyone wanted in on the game. With today’s smartphone technology, now you can carry a quick game of Texas Hold ‘Em in your pocket, just ready for a traffic jam or DMV line for you to get your game on. If you like to stick to the traditional, try Phil Helmuth’s High Stakes Hold ‘Em, which has you playing a variety of opponents online – and even a chance at facing the Poker Brat himself. If you want to try out poker with a twist, check out Poker Drop, a sort of cross between Tetris and poker, where you try to pull together a hand while the cards drop.

Aahhh….slots. The pull of the handle, the ring of the bells, the glorious cha-ching of a winning round. Of course, you can’t just sit in a casino all day pulling on a slot machine, but you can take the thrill of the game along with you. For the die-hard slots players, check out Slotomania. It’s the #1 rated slots game out there right now, and with good reason. With tons of different machines, a social aspect that allows you to share your winnings with friends, and frequent updates, you couldn’t ask for more in a slots game. If you want your slots with a bit of a twist, check out Slots Journey. This fun take on slots has you traveling around the world, conquering various machines, earning bonuses, and even playing little mini games along the way.

Bingo is the only casino game I know of that is encouraged from early childhood. See, they get us hooked with farm animal bingo in preschool, and it’s all downhill from there. Next thing you know, you’ve got bingo daubers in your purse and a standing date with the bingo hall. Well, now there’s no need to wait for a night out – you can get your bingo on the go (no daubers needed). For a just-like-you-remember traditional game of bingo, you can’t beat Bingo Bash. There are tons of players online, just waiting to take you on, this popular game offers an addictive reward system to keep you playing. For a new take on bingo, try Bingo Slots. Just like it sounds, this game takes bingo and slots, and mashes up into one uniquely fun game.

One of the first game of chance I learned, blackjack is one of those games that is deceptively simple – so easy to pick up on, so hard to quit. The quest for the elusive twenty one, the constant calculations of odds and bets, all are made to order for addictive fun. Of course, too much casino blackjack can have you out on the streets, why not try out some mobile versions instead? For old school blackjack fun, try out Big Win BlackJack. It’s great for beginners especially, as you won’t run out of chips. If you like your game of 21 a little more social, try BlackJack LIVE! You can play with gamers around the world, and even rally your friends when you’re out of chips.

So there you have it! Some great apps for gambling on the go. Whether you want a tried and true version of your standard game, or just the feel of it with a unique twist for a little variety, you can’t go wrong. Shuffle up and deal!


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