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Superhot (Xbox One) Review

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Final Score
9.0/ 10

User Rating
4 total ratings


We Liked?

  • Nice, clean graphical style and setting
  • Fresh twist on the standard FPS
  • Challenging levels
  • Killstagram shows a lot of cool replays

Not So Much?

  • Main story is a bit short
  • Difficulty spikes can get irritating

Final Fiendish Feelings?

Superhot is a cool concept that has been fleshed out into an interesting and unique game that plays great, is challenging and really has a great style. The main story mode, while perhaps a little on the short side, never gets dull and keeps you thinking all the time.

Posted May 3, 2016 by

Final Fiendish Feelings?

ver the years, there have been a bunch of games that have come out of various game development challenges and game jam events.  It’s always interesting to see what developers can come up with given a certain set of parameters.  Superhot started out as a concept made for the 7 Day FPS challenge in 2013, where, as the name suggests, the idea was that you had 7 days to create a first person shooter.  The game has now been developed into a fully fledged release that is visually striking and, at it’s best, can be pure art.

While Superhot was developed for a first person shooter challenge, at it’s core, it’s really more of a strategic puzzle game that uses first person shooter mechanics as the basis for it’s puzzles.  The basic premise of the game is standard first person shooter fare.  You go through a series of short levels where the idea is to take out everyone in the level before they can take you out, using guns, your fists or whatever items you can find around the level.

Superhot takes place in a cyberpunk type world.  You have been sent a game by a friend of yours via a message program, but you can’t access the game without a crack, which your friend also sends you.  You boot up the game, and you find yourself in a room having to kill everyone in it.  The actual levels are very crisp, clean and minimalistic, with red enemies and black weapons contrasting nicely with the white areas you’re in.  They’re anything but bland, though, having a nice detail and style to them.

What makes Superhot different as a shooter is that time passes normally when you are walking around the level.  However, once you stop moving, time slows to a crawl, causing everything around you to move extremely slowly.  You can see bullets edging very slowly through the air.  This mechanic gives you time to figure out a strategy and plan your next move.  If you take a bullet, you have to restart the current level from the beginning, but the levels only take a few minutes to complete, so it’s not a huge thing if you fail.


Once you have a strategy, pulling it off can result in some pretty artistic sequences.  You run up to a guy and punch him, grabbing his gun off him and shooting him dead, then shooting a couple more guys before throwing your gun at another guy, grabbing the sword he’s carrying and slicing him in half.  After that, you could throw a bottle at a guy and send him flying off a balcony to his doom.  You can actually edit what you do in the levels after you finish it and upload it online as a “Killstagram”, and there are plenty of amazing sequences you can watch and pull off yourself.

The main story mode consists of over 20 levels, and will take at least a couple of hours to finish.  Once you’ve gone through that, it opens up some new content for you to try your hand at.  There are a bunch of challenges that require you to complete a level under set conditions, such as only being allowed to use a specific weapon.  There’s also an endless mode which basically involves you trying to survive for as long as you can.  These add a nice extra touch, but it would’ve been nice if the main game had a few more missions.


Superhot is a cool concept that has been fleshed out into an interesting and unique game that plays great, is challenging and really has a great style.  The main story mode, while perhaps a little on the short side, never gets dull and keeps you thinking all the time.  Plus there is some replayability in trying to string together the coolest run you can for the Killstagram.

This really is a prime example of a game that you really have to experience for yourself to see how interesting it is.  Pictures don’t really do it justice, and videos usually cut out all the slowed times sections.  So, if you love first person shooters but wnat something a bit different, you should probably check Superhot out.

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