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Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare (Xbox One) Review

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare header
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare header
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare header

At A Glance...

Formats: Xbox One, Xbox 360
Final Score
7.5/ 10

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1 total rating


We Liked?

  • Great looking world and characters
  • Surprisingly fun and entertaining gameplay
  • Ideally suited to pick-up and play in short bursts

Not So Much?

  • Short on maps and game modes
  • Smattering of minor technical issues
  • Unlocks lack a little "wow" later in game

Final Fiendish Feelings?

Simply put this is a great little shooter that, despite the odds, offers something a little different for players young or old.

I guess all we are saying, is give Peas a chance…!

Posted March 13, 2014 by

Final Fiendish Feelings?

Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare shouldn’t work. Taking a tower defence game and making a third person shooter based on it is a recipe for absolute disaster. This is an EA of old move surely and a massive pile of shovelware cash-in… right? Nope!

On paper Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare really shouldn’t be as much fun as it is. This online shooter takes a massive leaf (<groan!>) out of Mass Effects 3’s online player mode offering a limited, yet fun, selection of horde mode like challenges. Thrown in with those horde like objective challenges (the titular Garden Warfare mode) you have the usual team deathmatch mode as well. There are two “no mods/no extras” variants of those two modes also as well as a random mode that picks and chooses from the other variants.

You take this side of either the plants of the zombies. Each side having a selection of different “troop” types to choose from. For example the plants have the healing Sunflower, the grunt Peashooter, the snapping jaws of the fly trap plant as well as the prickly long distance skills of the Cactus. Each offers up it’s own play style starting with a limited set of abilities and slowly, through gaining XP and completing challenges. For example the Peashooter stars out with only a Bean Bomb, but progress a few levels and you unlock the zippy dash ability and the gatling peashooter ability.

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Zombies in Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare are equally well catered for with grunts, mad scientists and football shooting zombie Jocks too. Similarly to the Plants side you will need to perform progressively more challenging in game tasks (make 3 kills with X, or use ability Y 5 times etc) and gain XP to unlock the varying abilities of these classes. Progress on both sides is swift, yet the upgrades do feel a little lacking in the “WOW” factor as you progress up the ranks.

The horde like challenge mode is solid enough fun, offering you a series of waves to defend your “garden” against. Essentially this involves you fending off the varying types of Zombie hordes for ten waves. You can use your Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare sticker packs (which you buy with in-game currency earned from playing the game) to help bolster your defences with expendable resources. For instance you could buy a card pack that gives you 3 Sunflowers or 4 Death Shrooms to plant in the glowing plant pots strewn around the levels. This adds a little of the tower defence strategy to the mix, but ultimately adds little as the waves get higher. Going at these modes solo is a little overwhelming at times but with a few friends (online or local) then things become much more interesting.

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 1

Graphically the game looks great. Exactly how you’d have imagined living in the 3D world of the Plants Vs Zombies universe would look. Framerate wise things were mostly solid, with only the slightest dip here and there when action was intense on screen. Character design is world is bright and colourful and you can’t help but smile when you’re taking out in a hail of peas or munched by a fly trap.

Sound design is also on par with the well produced look of the game. Minimal voice work from Crazy Dave is offset by some lovely nonsense talk from both the plants and zombies. The music is as infections here as it ever has been making the overall experience just pleasant.

Plants Vs Zombies gaden Warfare. 3png

Final Thoughts

Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare is a triumph for the most part offering something that’s unique in a genre that is saturated. The premise shouldn’t work but it just does, offering a light-hearted online shooter that won’t leave you screaming at the TV in frustration as yet another sniper pulls off a ludicrous headshot from across the map.

There aren’t many modes and maps are limited but this has been reflected for the most part in the games cut-down pricing. Some framerate issues, pop-in and lacking a little “oomph” in the unlocks are mostly the downsides you can level at Plants Vs Zombies : Garden Warfare.

Simply put this is a great little shooter that, despite the odds, offers something a little different for players young or old.

I guess all we are saying, is give Peas a chance…!


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