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Zombies Ruined My Day Review


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Zombies Ruined My Day is a platformer style action, shooter game that offers challenging but fun game play. It has a few drawbacks with regards to awkward controls and redundant scenes, but it is certainly worth it’s price.

Posted October 23, 2012 by

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Zombies Ruined My Day has a certain nostalgic feel to it. A game that harkens back to a time when games didn’t have much of a story but you still played them because they were challenging and fun. There weren’t cut scenes. There wasn’t grinding to pick up loot. It was just you against the challenge.

While I can certainly appreciate a game with a good cinematic flair to it, I think games that you can just pick up and play have kind of become a lost art. Sure, they are still out there, but they are no longer the main staple of a video game library any more. I kinda miss that and I think we could use more games that fit in that mold.

Zombies Ruined My Day brings you back to that time. The story is limited to a splash screen with a paragraph outlining the simple tale of a man who finally got the chance at a date with the girl of his dreams. And then he was forced to lay waste to hordes of zombies in a desperate attempt at making that date. Yeah, I didn’t really grasp on to that story either, but I’ll tell you what. I didn’t care.

Zombies Ruined My Day is a pretty typical action shooter where your objective is to lay waste to the hordes of the living challenged that come at you in what feels like unending waves at times. The cast of characters is you, the undead and whatever weapon you can pick up along the way. The zombies have various entry points on each zone and will attack you from all sides with what seem like an unfathomable amount of the undead coming at you. Conserving your ammo and picking when to attack and how is a big part of the strategy. At times, it certainly feels like you are on center stage trying to balance a bunch of spinning plates on sticks trying to your best to make sure none of them hit the ground.

You will die in Zombies Ruined My Day. A lot. And since you end up dying, you are going to be trudging through and slaughtering zombies on the same zones. Over. And. Over. Again. After your 15th attempt at saving some moronic survivor who will inevitably waltz into the open grasp of some undead fiend, it would have been nice to see some new scenery once the fates finally smile down on your anger stricken face and allow you to make it to the next level. But, not so much.

A lot of games have seemed to gravitate away from the model but there are still a few games that hold on to that tradition of making challenging games that are still fun. I think this game manages to find that delicate balance of just enough difficulty with an easy to use and pickup game style that, for the most part, works.

Zombies are certainly in these days when it comes to games. It’s difficult to find many games that do not have some sort of zombie content or DLC any more. It’s kind of a tired subject, but this game at least paints them in a more cartoonish light. I wouldn’t say this is an ok game for the younger crowd. You are annihilating wave after wave of all sorts of crazy zombies with everything from pistols to shotguns to grenades to gatling guns, after all. It is nice to know that people can make a game that doesn’t just put in tons of gore for gore’s sake.

The parts Zombies Ruined My Day miss on the most for me has to be the controls. It has some confusing and awkward button choices. This is at first noticeable with what feels like an inconsistency with what the buttons do. Shooting weapons use the Right Trigger button, but weapons or supplies that are thrown, use the Right Trigger for controlling the strength of the throw and are then thrown using the Up button on the D-pad. The only button used on the D-pad, I might add.

While this is something that you do eventually get used to, it doesn’t feel very natural and probably could have been made easier on the player if more intuitive or consistent controls were used.

I did like that it offers multiple difficulty levels and, while that may help with the replay value for some, I don’t know how many will have the fortitude to go through it multiple times. I don’t think that is something that people will get hung up on as there is plenty to play with here especially considering how inexpensive the game is. I will say that easy is probably a misnomer. Even the easy level will offer enough of a challenge for some of the most calloused thumbs taking up the charge.

Overall, I liked Zombies Ruined My Day. It was one of those games that gave me just the right amount of frustrating hatred to gain that glorious feeling of satisfaction and self worth once you finally conquer the latest obnoxious level. I do wish it had a bit more originality with the zones and the controls can certainly add to the frustration in a way that isn’t appealing, but I still found myself picking the game up and attempting one more shot at the undead legions. When you consider how inexpensive the game is, it’s difficult to say this game is not worth the price of admission.


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  • I played it for awhile but just found it poorly put together and it soon ran out of charm… for the price though it’s a distraction for an hour I guess..

    • Amy

      The kids thought it was awesome.

      DADDY! RUN! ZOMBIES!….Oh, you died. ;)

      • HAHA! Sounds awesome fun :D