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Dead Space 3 Demo: Chills, Thrills, and Drills


Posted January 22, 2013 by

Wow.  I just finished playing through the Dead Space 3 demo on the Xbox 360, and my heart is still beating!  Depending on when you read this, you can give your heart a much needed kick-start by downloading and playing it, too.

I’ll admit that I’ve been skeptical of Dead Space 3 ever since its announcement.  I’ll also admit, that I’m a little less skeptical after playing the demo.  You see, I was the same way about Dead Space 2. There doesn’t need to be a Dead Space 2, I remember thinking.  The original game a fantastic take on the horror-survival genre made popular by Resident Evil, but took things to a whole new level. I thought that EA was going to ruin a game by turning it into a series.  Boy, was I wrong.  EA hooked me in within the game opening moments, and it became one of my favorite games in 2010.  In fact, I still think that Dead Space 2 has one of my favorite openings of all time.

I feel the same way about Dead Space 3.  I still find it unnecessary for Issac Clarke to find himself, yet again, knee deep in interstellar Hell.  I mean how many unfortunate circumstances does one man have to find himself in?  Fellow writer Justin and I have joked about the Dead Space 3′s co-op, as being a bros-in-space sort of thing.  But after playing the demo, I feel a little more excitement about another “unneeded” sequel.

Dead Space 3 takes place on the icy planet of Tau Volantis.  In the demo’s opening, you’ve crash landed, hanging upside down ala Luke Skywalker at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.  If you thought that a snowy planet can’t possibly be a frightening environment, just wait until the wind starts whipping around, causing a blinding snowstorm.  Enter necromorph baddies ready to kill you, in horrible ways!

Dead Space 3 Demo: Chills, Thrills, and Drills


I won’t give away any spoilers regarding the demo, but it’s full of moments that will make you jump and expel profanity every few minutes.  I recommend playing this game with some headphones (surround sound headphone, preferably).

The demo allows you to you play the single player campaign, with drop-in, drop-out co-op with a buddy.  According to the demo, the campaign is still very much a single-player experience, but players are encouraged to try the co-op with a friend to experience some differences. I’m not sure exactly how different the experiences will be, though.

Also included is an expanded feature to the Dead Space series: a more detailed crafting bench.  In previous game, players could find and upgrade weapons and suits to make Issac a tougher and more killing machine.  In Dead Space 3, it seems that feature has been taken to an even higher, with more granularity in the customizable weaponry.  Along with picking up health, weapons and ammo, Issac will also find crafting parts which can be used to build the ultimate weapons.

Lucky gamers, like myself, were able to download the Dead Space 3 demo early, but beginning Tuesday, January 22nd, it’ll be available to players on both the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Network.  Dead Space 3 hits store shelves in 2 weeks, on Tuesday, February 5.

Check it out and let us know if you screamed and cussed as much as I did!

Troy Benedict