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Super Meat Boy (Switch) Review

super meat boy switch header
super meat boy switch header
super meat boy switch header

At A Glance...

Formats: Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox 360, WiiU, PS4 & PS Vita
Final Score
8/ 10

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1 total rating


We Liked?

  • Pixel perfect platforming
  • Never unfair no matter how many time you die
  • Accurate controls
  • Split screen two player mode works pretty well

Not So Much?

  • Still punishingly hard - and sometimes you just want to walk away
  • Enjoyable as it is the premise is now 8 years old (more if you include the Flash incarnation) and it's wearing thin

Final Fiendish Feelings?

Super Meat Boy moves to the Switch triumphantly.

Posted January 20, 2018 by

Final Fiendish Feelings?

or those not in the know Super Meat Boy is a platform game that sees you take the persona of the loveable – yet a little ‘icky’ – Meat Boy. The evil Dr Fetus has stolen Meat Boy’s love, Bandage Girl. He must now traverse multiple levels of tricky jumps, blades and all manner of death inducing obstacle to win her back.

Super Meat Boy is the oldest school of platformer going. Precision jumps, complex jump combinations and deviously constructed levels. Each of the devilish levels on offer take mere seconds to complete provided you know exactly what you are doing. The trick is working out exactly when and where to jump, run or drop to reach your goal.

Graphically the game is much the same as it was when released on the last generation of consoles. Smooth, fluid and responsive. The cinematic graphics are once again sublime in their inception. The character artwork and animations by Ed McMillan are glorious in their bright simplicity and their ability to convey and induce comedy is excellent. The Switch has no trouble delivering some crisp visuals and keeping the frame rate solid throughout.

super meat boy switch 3

The soundtrack was a standout feature of the Xbox 360 edition and this, sadly, hasn’t made it across in to the Switch edition. That said it uses the almost as good PS4 soundtrack and the theme tunes for the levels and menu music are all superb and the in game sounds are suitably fitting as well.

So, it looks just as good (if not better) and sounds good, so how does it play on the Switch? It’s just as devilishly good even without the d-pad to fall back on. The thing with Super Meat Boy is that the game is challenging right from the initial few levels and it just gets hard from that point.

You will spend A LOT of time dying in the game, more than pretty much any other game, ever. Later levels can become hair pulling & ludicrous to complete, multiple split second jumps, stalls and glides to help you reach Bandage Girl. The redeeming factor is that each and every death will be your fault – a hard thing for some gamers to swallow but utterly fair.

The controls and level creation have been so painstakingly well balanced that any death that occurs is a result of your own mistake or inability. This game will hand you a level you know is beatable yet causes you to scream obscenities like a mad person. This might not sound like ‘fun’ but let me tell you when you complete a level the feeling is exhilarating and second to nothing.

super meat bot switch 1

The game is not for the faint of heart and many have called it a platformer for the hard core only. I say that’s a little harsh to be honest. The game is hard and a large amount of gamers just won’t have the skills or patience to take it on. Those that do will be rewarded by over a three hundred levels of pure platforming perfection.

The online leaderboards are also a joyous cruelty. You finally make it through level thirty to discover that three of your friends have done it in less time. You then plunge back in to the level to better your time and oust your friends from their lofty throne. This adds longevity to an already incredible package.

Talking of friends the new feature that Super Meat Boy brings to the Nintendo Switch is the 2 player race mode. This takes the form of a split-screen couch co-op race to finish certain levels and sits very well with the sharing of a Joy-Con controller each. It’s not exactly perfect but as a free addition it adds to the overall package well.

super meat boy switch 2

Final Thoughts:
Super Meat Boy moves to the Switch triumphantly. The level design, graphics, controls, sound and sense of humour are all intact and all absolutely superb. Don’t expect to retain your full ‘set of marbles’ during playing this game but do expect to be entertained, frustrated, emotional, enthralled and delighted simultaneously whilst playing. The additional 2 player race mode is a fine distraction for those looking for couch co-op fodder.
The leaderboards and extra levels all add value to a stunning indie package and I urge anyone who remotely likes platformers to pick this up now…. right now… GO GET!

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