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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PS4) Review

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Formats: PS4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, PC
Final Score
8.5/ 10

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We Liked?

  • Awesome AI
  • Dynamic feel to gameplay
  • Players and teams feel different

Not So Much?

  • Delayed roster update
  • Poor presentation
  • Terrible commentary

Final Fiendish Findings?

Here we go again, another season and another two horse battle for the crown of the best football game of the year. Last year PES 2015 put up a great challenge but just lost out to FIFA 15. This year it looks as though, the king is back.

Posted October 16, 2015 by

Final Fiendish Findings?

ere we go again, another season and another two horse battle for the crown of the best football game of the year. Last year PES 2015 put up a great challenge but just lost out to FIFA 15. This year it looks as though, the king is back.

Every year you will have fans of FIFA and PES debate online as to which game is an accurate reflection of the beautiful game. Although if you’re a fan of FIFA then that debate has been easy to win for the last few years. Last year Konami made a big impression and I’m sure a lot of FIFA fans sat up and took notice of what Konami are trying to do.

PES 2016 returns with the FOX engine and again they are starting to push the boundaries as to what the engine can do. The movement of the players feels just as good if not better, as it did last year. The passing delay from last year is gone, and passing feels so satisfying especially when you play with a great passing team like Barcelona and you watch the ball zip around the field. I didn’t really see any flashy buzz words coming out from Konami, but again they seem to have got the balance of the AI and the physics just about right.

PES 2016 Tevez goal celebration

Defending and jostling for the ball have seen an improvement this year and it’s something which Konami have managed to get perfect. You feel how jostling with a small player against a bigger opponent makes a difference and perhaps is not the best way to try and retain possession. Slide tackles are a lot of fun this year as well, although they are a bit overpowered and the referee is a little too lenient. You can also slide tackle opponents off the ball and the referee doesn’t seem to notice, not that I would recommend such barbaric tactics…

If you ask anyone who will play PES 2016 this year the one word they will almost certainly use in describing this game is ‘feel’. Everything just feels right, players feel different, shooting feels good, and passing feels great and so on. What I’m trying to get at here is, it’s not just one thing that makes this game so much fun it’s an accumulation of many things. Konami have managed to make you feel different things during a game, whether that is watching your players point to where they want you to play the ball or that feeling you get when you just manage to avoid a slide tackle from the opposition. Some of those things might have a little automation and maybe the player doesn’t actually do a lot to avoid those tackles but you FEEL like it was all down to you, and that’s what makes this game a lot of fun on the pitch.

PES 2016 Gameplay

When playing PES 2016 you really have to understand the team you are playing with. You have to adapt you’re playing style to the team you are playing with. So with Barcelona passing the ball around is a good idea, but if you’re playing with Manchester City you might want to play a bit more direct getting the ball to your best player as fast as you can. And this is what fluid formations will allow you to do, if you understand your team and want to play to their strengths you can set them up just the way you want. Fluid formations will allow you to set your team up for attack and defend which makes the tactical side of PES 2016 very interesting, although the menu system and presentation still needs a lot of work and Konami need to make it simpler to navigate and change tactics.

Staying with things on the pitch I have to say I am very disappointed with the commentary this year, to the point I’ve had to turn it off so I don’t have to hear the over exaggerated shouting whenever I take a shot. It really ruins the enjoyment of the game when a tame shot is met with a loud shout from the commentator like you’ve just scored a 30 yard wonder goal.

Master League returns this year and includes being able to set a player as a coach and increase stats of your players. Master League is still as fun as it has ever been but sometimes the lack of realism with transfers can let it down. As long as the club accepts the negotiating fee the player will come to your club, I managed to sign Ronaldo to Manchester United which in reality as much as I would love to see happen is highly unlikely!

The graphical presentation is also not up to scratch when you compare it against FIFA. Players look terrible up close and for some reason they can’t seem to smile properly. The menu systems are a little better from last year, but again more work is needed.


myClub also returns, Konami’s answer to FIFA’s Ultimate Team. It’s a decent game mode, probably not as addictive as Ultimate Team and again the presentation and menu options let it down. It does have potential though, but I don’t see it being able to rival FIFA’s Ultimate Team.

I couldn’t believe Konami did not release the game with updated rosters. When you are competing against FIFA and you’re trying to convince players to move to PES to release a game without updated teams is unforgivable. Players should not have to wait for over a month to play PES 2016 with updated teams. You can of course do the transfers yourself but when you pay for a game you shouldn’t have to update it yourself. It’s really a poor decision from Konami and might be one that has cost them from convincing players to choose PES2016 over FIFA. Updated roster lists should be available for offline users from the 29th October and from 1st October available for all online modes.

Final Thoughts

Once again Konami have taken a huge step forward and are starting to push and challenge for the top spot again. And I believe on the pitch they have again managed to beat FIFA. FIFA is still the better product with better presentations, online play and licenses. But licenses are not that big an issue if you’re willing to spend some time editing your team using option files. PES2016 is fun and realistic, and if they ever get the presentation right then there won’t even be a question as to who is the best.

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Guest Reviewer: Saqib Amed

Family Fiends Findings?

 This is a soccer simulation game in which players control soccer teams from international leagues. Players can compete in a variety of modes (e.g., Training, UEFA Champions League, Master League) and improve their skills through practice shootouts and drills.

  • Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB & 3 by PEGI
  • Online play is featured so beware of obtrusive and offensive interactions from other players


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