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Flower (PS4) Review

Flower PS4 Logo
Flower PS4 Logo
Flower PS4 Logo

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Formats: PS4, PS 3, PS Vita
Genre: ,
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Final Score
9.5/ 10

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We Liked?

  • Stunningly realised and dripping with artistic flair
  • Still a unique experience years after the original was released on PS3
  • Improved visuals compound just how serene and awe-inspiring an experience Flower can be

Not So Much?

  • Not a 'game' as such and some might be put off by the artsy nature
  • Longevity is short if you rush and don't stop to smell the roses

Final Fiendish Findings?

Flower is an experience like no other and the fact more people might get to experience this now it’s transitioned on the the PS4 (and PS Vita !) is a wonderful thing.

Posted December 10, 2013 by

Final Fiendish Findings?

Flower was the title that proved to the world that That Game Company had the substance to backup the style on show with their first title FlOw.

It seems right that at the launch of a new system some of the most influential and unique titles from the PS3’s back catalogue are receiving some much appreciated love and attention on the PS4.

For those not familiar with Flower the ‘game’ is very simple.  You control the breeze upon which flower petals are being transported.  Using the motion control elements of the Dual Shock 4 controller you move the direction of the breeze as you tilt the controller side-to-side or back-and-forth.  Pressing any button or stick on the controller will apply the force of the wind to give your light breeze motion.

You simply make your way through the lush fields and vistas using this method of propulsion collecting different coloured flower petals on the way.  These flowers open up as you glide past and sometimes reveal other patches or perform small puzzle solutions but ultimately it’s all about movement and flow in the environment.

flower PS4 2

To term Flower as a game is somewhat divisive. Some would argue yes it’s a game still as it has controls, a level goal and actions to perform.  Others will simply say it’s an interactive/art experience.  Flower managed to inspire some wonderful titles in the years after its release.  Products like Dear Esther seem to take a heavy lead from the work that That Game Company did in these early days.

Flower remains untouched from the PS3 edition of the game meaning that to some the title might not hold the attention it once did.  Personally for me I found it every bit as engaging and magical as the first times I played through Flower on the PS3.

Graphically things have been stepped up a notch with luscious 1080p renderings of the billowing fields and planes of the various levels.  Lighting too seems to have been refined.  Blue Point seem to have taken the original and lavishes some aesthetic love on it without losing any of the original’s charm and wonder.

Those who rush at the game will most likely push through it in little over an hour or so.  Those people may feel cheated for the price they paid but they’re missing the point of Flower.  The game is there to be enjoyed, to be savoured and relaxed in to.  Most games want to push you forward, to keep you engaged – Flower wants you to just relax into the sights and sounds it’s wrapping you up in.  This is no more evident than the fact there are two trophies for taking a break or just stopping to look around for ten minutes.

Flower PS4 3

Final Thoughts

Flower is every bit the uplifting and magical experience it ever was.  The application of some tighter controls and a lick or two of next-gen paint have done nothing but add to the already beautiful world of Flower.

Flower is an experience like no other and the fact more people might get to experience this now it’s transitioned on the the PS4 (and PS Vita !) is a wonderful thing.



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