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Snowy: Treasure Hunter (PS3) Review


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Formats: PS3, PsVita
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6.5/ 10

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We liked?

Loads of challenging puzzles to fry your brain, all in a cute, cuddly package.

Not so much?

You die (or at least I did) an awful lot.

Final Fiendish Findings?

Snowy: Treasure Hunter is a challenging puzzle game that is in turns cuddly and diabolical. Don’t let the cute and colorful fool you – this is a game that will keep you on your toes.

Posted October 23, 2013 by

Full Fiendish Findings...

Brrrrrrr! There’s gold in them thar hills levels.


Snowy: Treasure Hunter is a deliciously difficult platformer where the challenge really *is* the game. It’s seemingly very simple at first glance. You play as an adorable little polar bear explorer who is intent on collecting every piece of treasure hidden in levels around the world. At your arsenal is a variety of tools ranging from an ice pick (which you always hold) to jackhammers, pumpkin bombs, and inflatable decoys of yourself (all of which must be collected in-level). Using your tools and a clever mind, you must figure out a way to collect each and every piece of treasure in the level, at which point a door will appear – which you must reach before a monster (or yourself) kills you.

Yup, there may be gold in these levels, but there are monsters too. These guys patrol their areas, quickly giving chase to you if you are spotted. It’s not as simple as just killing them though, as even if you manage to off them, they just respawn. Evading them isn’t all that easy either, as your character is very limited in movement, which really makes things challenging. You can’t jump out of the way or anything like that – instead, you’ll need to use the ladders and ropes that are spread around the levels to both collect the treasure and keep out of the bad guys’ clutches.


Since you aren’t all that mobile, and figuring out how to get around is part of the puzzle in this game, you will find yourself in a situation where a monster is headed right for you and you literally have nowhere to go. In that case, your only option is generally digging a hole with your pickaxe for the monster to fall into. Then, you can walk right over them to get to where you need to go – that is, of course, assuming that you are on a terrain that allows you to dig, and not all of them do. Also, if the monster is very close to you, your pickaxe will not dig a hole (this honestly doesn’t make sense to me, although it is very challenging), so if you wait too long to prepare, you die. If you accidentally fall into the hole you dug and can’t get out – you die. If your pumpkin bomb goes off too close to you, or you catch yourself in your own trap, etc. – say it with me now, you die.


Snowy: Treasure Hunter is not a game that is going to coddle you, at all. There are seemingly infinite ways to die, each of which puts you right back at the start, even if you were just about to step through the doorway to a new level. Challenging? Yes. Frustrating? Very much so. It’s one of those games that makes you want to throw your controller in disgust when you died for the fourth time, yet makes you crow with glee when you finally made your way through a particularly difficult level.

The look and sound in Snowy: Treasure Hunter are honestly nothing that’s going to blow you away. It’s cute and colorful, but the emphasis here is solely on the puzzles that encompass each level. While you will need some fast fingered skill when evading monsters, this is a game that is for the most part quite cerebral. It’s on you to study the puzzle and figure out the solution, all without dying a terrible and premature death.


Snowy: Treasure Hunter is a challenging puzzle game that is in turns cuddly and diabolical. Don’t let the cute and colorful fool you – this is a game that will keep you on your toes.


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