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La Pucelle: Tactics Review (PSN)


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6.5/ 10

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Plenty of gameplay
Engaging Story
Interesting battle features

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Can be slow moving
Lacks current generation features
Antiquated feel

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La Pucelle: Tactics brings with it a fair amount of good and bad with it. It has a great story and plenty of play, but can feel dated and slow moving. It may not hold the attention to those who aren’t fans of tactical RPG games.

Posted December 3, 2012 by

Full Fiendish Findings...

La Pucelle: Tactics is a 10 year old PS2 game ported and finally being brought to the PS3. As the name suggests, it’s a tactical RPG that touts tons of gameplay. In a genre that holds the amount of gameplay almost as a trademark, this game doesn’t disappoint.

La Pucelle’s story is actually pretty good as well. It tells a tale of a couple of orphaned siblings who are taken in by The Church of the Holy Maiden. The church is comprised of an organization of Zombie hunters called La Pucelle. The two siblings are trained in zombie hunting techniques and are brought up to serve in the organization. La Pucelle is called upon to investigate certain phenomena which are brewing and, along with that, find time to solve some of the mysteries that the sibling’s own history carry.

As a turn based tactical game, the game play can be sort of slow moving, especially in the tougher battles. You spend a lot of your time setting up the ideal strategy making sure each party member is in the exact right position. There are some unique concepts to the game beyond the normal tactical position elements though. There are energy flows that can be purified and directions changed using the people in your party. Each stream has an elemental power to it that will affect different enemies in different ways when they are purified with those enemies in the flow path. This purification process also works on the enemy characters that allows the player to turn the enemies to be on their side and join the party in subsequent battles once defeated. These abilities take some getting used to but it adds a nice and interesting element to the game.

When not on a battle grid, the game is very linear. You move in a straight line through the settings and talk to people by stopping over them. Story chapters offer different ending based on the choices you make in the game but don’t affect future chapters. Those of you with “perfect play” OCD may be replaying some of these chapters in an attempt to get the good ending before you progress through the game.

On a whole, the ported PS2 games seem to lack features I have come to expect when shelling out money for games. While some of these choices are Sony’s decision for their PS2 support and is out of the control of the developers, it would be nice if more developers would take the extra step to make a full PS3 featured game instead. I would rather shell out a few extra bucks for game that I didn’t feel like it was played on an emulator. Things like the lack of trophies, the disconnect from the XMB and a lack of HD graphics really can detract from the game.

La Pucelle is probably a good fit for those feeling nostalgic for the game or the hardcore tactic hounds, but nostalgia can sometimes be cruel mistress. Games don’t hold up to what our imagination builds them up to be. This one may fall into that category. I would have much rather seen this game and story to get updated to feel like a current generation game. If the unique strategy elements and loads of play appeal to you, this may be something you want to take a fly on. At least the price is right for a game of this quality.


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