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Victoria II – A House Divided Expansion


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Brings new life to your existing game.

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Just when you thought you had it all figured out, the rules change.

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It’s not a must to enjoy the game as a whole, but A House Divided is worth playing, especially if you just can get enough Victoria II.

Posted March 14, 2013 by

Full Fiendish Findings...

When you just love a game, there is nothing better than a great expansion that adds to the gameplay without spoiling the game you already enjoy. Today, we take a look at A House Divided, an expansion to Paradox Games’ Victoria II, a grand strategy game that spans a hundred years, giving you control of everything from government and economy to warfare and population. It’s a fantastic value for gamers who enjoy a bit of micromanagement in their strategy games. You can find our full review of Victoria II here.


One thing Paradox likes to do with their expansions is to take the features that players have just begun to grasp and blow them into a million pieces. Enter A House Divided expansion for Victoria II.

Whereas in Victoria II, war is more of a distraction than a desired course of action, the expansion moves warfare into the forefront and brings some other changes to the core experience. The main focus in A House Divided is the Civil War, and that’s where most players will probably end up but the rest of the game is still there. You can play other countries and, along with the other tweaks, deal with whatever effects the American Civil War has on your country.


Simply playing through the Civil War is satisfying enough, as long as you understand that it’s just a jumping point. You can win or lose, deal with the fallout of your various decisions, and then go to war again. If you win, you will most likely go back to war because the losers don’t stay down for long. And if you lose, you will most likely want to regroup and give it another go.

Among the changes in Victoria II with the A House Divided expansion, you will find a slightly improved UI. China has become more complicated, there are a few more options in the political branch, you may also now help out other nations with their industry, and there are more options to gear your population towards a more western style.


Civil unrest is a dominant feature of the A House divided expansion. Various movements will sprout up, and if you allow them to grow, they can and will turn into their own revolution. Beat them down early and often.

It’s not a must to enjoy the game as a whole, but A House Divided is worth playing, especially if you just can get enough Victoria II.


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