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Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard (Mac) Review


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7/ 10

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Intriguing story and challenging object jumbles

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Story could have been fleshed out a bit more

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Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard offers tons of hidden object jumbles and an intriguing story line – the perfect combination for hidden object adventure fans.

Posted February 27, 2013 by

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“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,  A tale of a fateful trip”

The Jangada is not your ordinary cruise ship. For one thing, it’s been lost for decades, with no one having any clue of what happened to it, or where it disappeared to. And so it has been lost, an aura of mystery surrounding it, until that fateful day when you are met with a letter from a curious millionaire. It seems the Jangada has been found, hidden deep in the Amazon, and he wants you to figure out the mystery of what happened to it. And so begins your adventure in Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard.

The most important thing about a game is really how you play it. You can have the best, most intriguing story line in the world, and it won’t mean a thing if the game play is subpar. I’ve played many hidden object adventures, and there are so few of them where both the gameplay and story are good. Fortunately, Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard is one of them. With a story that actually grabs you and keeps you guessing, and challenging puzzles that don’t leave you frustrated, this is a game that’s worth a download.

While you will have to wander around the various environments and rooms on the Jangada, the vast majority of gameplay in Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard is straight out hidden object jumbles. These are of the standard variety, where you are given a list of objects at the bottom of a fixed screen. You need to find all of those items in the jumble in order to unlock one item you need to advance in the game, and then you need to figure out where to use it.

For example, one jumble will net you a hammer, which you’ll then take back to another area to fix a broken ladder. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Do a jumble, use the item, do another jumble. While it sounds overly simple, it really works. Most people play these types of games because they love hidden object jumbles, and Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard certainly doesn’t disappoint in that area.

There are a few mini games hidden here and where, all of which are skippable if they aren’t your thing. These are pretty standard for this type of game, like moving items around to uncover a keyhole, or unscrambling a picture. They don’t a whole lot to the game, but they are a bit of variety for those who enjoy all types of puzzles. There is a hint feature available for the object jumbles, and for when you’re simply lost as to what to do next. However, in these mini games you have only the option to either figure it out or skip – no little hints to move you in the right direction.

I really enjoyed the story in Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard. When you enter the ship, you find a ghostly little girl who pops up from time to time with cryptic messages to you. As you work your way around the ship, you’ll find more and more evidence that something wasn’t right with her, and you soon figure out that uncovering what happened to the little girl and her family is the key to unlocking the mystery of the Jangada. While there were the twists and turns and big reveal at the end that you’d expect, I would have liked the story to be a little more fleshed, simply because it was interesting to me.

Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard offers tons of hidden object jumbles and an intriguing story line – the perfect combination for hidden object adventure fans.


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