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Our Review Policy

 Here at Games Fiends we like to keep things simple, honest and fair.  To that end we want to be one hundred percent upfront about our review structures and criteria.

Each review works on a sliding point scale from 0 to 10.  This is represented by numbers in all video game and hardware sections and by stars in others.  We make full and absolute use of all numbers on that scale.  As far as this site is concerned 5 is an average score – not 7 like many other sites.  It will be given to titles that do exactly what they need to do to get by.  These will be titles that have some but not fundamental issues and are generally considered to be playable and in every way average.

Below the 5 mark and you start to talk about titles that have issues that impact gameplay, reduce enjoyment or alter the value for money offering of a title.

Over 5 scores will be given to titles that are major bug free, represent a cut above the average.  Towards the later end of the scale we will be looking for titles that push the envelope for their genre.  A 9/10 title in platforming might not be as good as an 8/10 title in the RPG category BUT it obtains it’s high score because it represents the higher levels of it’s genre.

Our star system is even simpler as it just deals in whole stars so we score out of 5 there with 3 stars being an average score.  Over 3 and it’s showing promise and solid features and above.  Below 3 stars and a few issues may be creeping in and effecting the value for money or enjoyment of the product.   The same principals apply to the star system (used for movies, books and comics) as the number system used elsewhere on the site.

Our review scores are all done on retail release code unless clearly stated otherwise in the review.  We will NEVER review a preview or Beta build of a game and assign a final score.

Reviews are a snapshot in time and may well mark a title down for aspects that are corrected in a later title update – unless significant or immediately after review we will not alter a score posthumously.