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Length: 103 M
Release Date: 29 October 2010
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4/ 5

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Quick paced Unique story Good use of "found film" Excellent visual effects

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Somewhat contrived details

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Trollhunter is a Norwegian, fantasy, action/adventure film about a group of students chronicling the exploits of a government agent trollhunter. It features a good story that is fast paced with great visual effects.

Posted October 10, 2012 by

Full Fiendish Findings?

Found footage is quickly becoming a taboo genre for movies. Similar to 3D, the genre has become saturated with duds and I, for one, typically have doubts about a film when I hear of its use. But, as with 3D, every now and then a film comes along that uses the format well. One such movie is Trollhunter.

Trollhunter is a Norwegian film about a group of students trying to put together a documentary on the recent rash of bear poachers in the area. Hot on the trail of someone they suspect is a poacher, they soon realize their folly and uncover the fact that he’s in fact a government agent assigned to control the secret troll population in Norway.

Hans, the trollhunter, decides to take the kids along for the ride after he is unsuccessful in shaking the determined college students. Getting to be up in years and knowing he’s in the twilight of his career, he sees the young film makers as a way to expose this secret he has been a part of covering up.

The trio of intrepid social activists are not prepared for what Hans is giving them, though. They soon find themselves getting in into something they had no previous knowledge even existed, much less how to handle meeting one face to face.

While the premise isn’t terribly unfamiliar, the story itself is not one that’s been rehashed over and over in other movies, and so has a fresh feel and a unique take.

While at its heart, it’s an action/adventure movie, no one will mistake this for a Michael Bay film. There is plenty of action that keeps Trollhunter moving along quickly, but it doesn’t try and overwhelm you with explosions and other special effects. That isn’t to say that there is anything cheesy about them either. The CGI that is implemented looks natural and doesn’t distract from the film which, to be honest, is about the best compliment I could give special effects. Special effects are the makeup of the movie world. You want enough to make it look polished, but you don’t want to overdo it and turn out like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

The only parts I really had trouble swallowing was they were kind of forceful with a bunch of superstitions about these mythical creatures. Things like they can smell Christians, while it added to some funny moments to the movie, kind of felt disingenuous. While other things, like the troll’s aversion to sunlight, incorporated some scientific explanation behind it, which I think added more depth to the story. So it was kind of a mix of good and bad.

The acting was pretty decent for the genre, but I wouldn’t expect to be wowed. I think they all did a very good job of selling the story and their roles. The creativity of the story is the real performer here, so it’s nice that none of the actors detract from that. The version I saw was subtitled to English but there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of dialog that made that an issue. It didn’t take long before I was forgetting about the captioning and just following along with the movie.

All in all, Trollhunter is a quick paced film with an interesting story and just the right amount of action to keep the viewers attention. There are a lot of really great foreign language films and this a perfect example of the cinematic quality you can find.


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