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Length: 33
Release Date: 2012
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3/ 5

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Tell is worth seeing if this type of genre tickles your fancy, but don’t go in expecting cinematic greatness.

Posted September 27, 2012 by

Full Fiendish Findings?

Tell is a horror/thriller short film that follows a guy who ends up killing his girlfriend after a heated argument based on some drunken advice from a friend that he takes literally. While that sounds like it might be the basis for some new Weekend at Bernie’s style comedy, it’s not. This is a straight faced thriller in every aspect.

Since Tell is a short film, there isn’t much build up to it, and the movie moves very quickly. After an argument over the boyfriend’s suspicious activities is over, he very calculatedly goes to the trunk of his car to pull out a hammer – in order to end the argument once and for all. The killer then tries to involve his friend, who he believes was the one who gave him the legitimate advice to kill his girlfriend, but soon finds out he is on his own with the mess he has just created. I kinda wish there was more time to develop that story line, but the now former friend basically just says he’s on his own and hangs up. You don’t really know if he just tries to forget the very ominous call he received or if he actually does something about it. It’s a bit disappointing, but understandable that it’s not pursued for such a short film.

The murderer then sets about trying to cover his tracks. You can definitely tell how on edge he is, but that unease seems to be more directed toward concern of getting caught rather than regret over what he’s done. Regret or not, he soon develops the feeling that his recently deceased girlfriend is not completely dead – and may be after him to finish the argument herself. I won’t go any further into it than that as this is a thriller, after all, and that may spoil the fun.

The acting in Tell, for the most part, is pretty lackluster and it seems most of the actors that I thought did a better than average performance spend very little time on screen (alive, at least). Tell is a low budget starter film, so I think I can give it some slack especially since none of the performances are distractingly bad. Just not great. The story wasn’t the most riveting either, although it carries enough that you won’t lose interest.

I do have to say that I thought the cinematography and camera work was very well done, though, and is better than a lot of Hollywood pictures you will see. If feels a bit wasted on a movie like this, since the other aspects don’t carry themselves better. There are lots of scenes using mirrors or other reflective material that give the shots depth, and it also has a lot of interesting camera work where you would normally expect to see a stationary camera shot in a film like this. The only complaint I could put on it was that some of the shots were kind of shaky which got to be a bit distracting, but that’s certainly me just looking for something to pick at.

Over all, I thought the film was better than I would expect for a low budget short film, but it isn’t going to win any awards. Tell is worth seeing if this type of genre tickles your fancy but don’t go in expecting cinematic greatness. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of some of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents tv episodes and I think this would have fit right in with some of those shows. If you want to check it out for yourself, it’s available to watch on youtube.


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