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Short Stops: Adelaide


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Length: 12 m
Release Date: 2012
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4/ 5

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Would be better as a feature Characters feel emotionally flat

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A Munchausen sufferer finds a new target to grab attention from in this quirky, romance flick. Definitely worth seeing, but I’m hopeful it makes it’s way to a feature film.

Posted October 11, 2012 by

Full Fiendish Findings?

Adelaide is a short film telling the tale of a girl with some form of Munchausen Syndrome. She feels a need to either fake, or intentionally induce, illnesses in order to get medical attention. The key part here is the attention part. The attention she is seeking is that of her physician, who is well aware of the game she is playing but doesn’t want any part of it beyond keeping her healthy.

In one of her frequent pharmacy visits, she meets an apparently insecure and shy guy named Brad, and she feeds his aspirations of becoming a paramedic. Their blossoming relationship comes to a head when Adelaide gives Brad the opportunity to put his training to the test.

Their relationship is actually pretty complementary. Adelaide gives Brad the motivation to follow his dream. That dream fulfills Adelaide’s own hope by building the medical professional that she desperately wants attention from.

The film brushes on some very serious subject matter and does a good job portraying the drama of it. You see Adelaide’s scars from her repeated (albeit unnecessary) surgical procedures. You see her as she tries to manipulate people with her 911 calls prior to forcing herself into situations of real medical emergencies. The addiction to the attention she seeks forces her to put herself into real danger with her life at the mercy of care she counts on.

Liliana Greenfield-Sanders, the director, is attempting to turn this into a full length feature. I think it could be a great adaptation if done right. It’s not often you see such a dramatic romance movie with such a self destructive character as the focal point.

I think there are ways Adelaide could be improved, though. The characters do seem a bit emotionally flat. I realize how hard it is to do character development in such a short time, but their stories are so complex; it would have been nice to see them emotionally that way too.

Adelaide is a great short film that offers a unique story. I personally would welcome more movies willing to approach romances with a more serious look to them instead of resorting to the all to often used romantic comedy approach. I am personally looking forward to this if the director is successful in bringing this story to the silver screen.


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