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Bad Day to Go Fishing Review


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Length: 110m
Release Date: 2009
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3.5/ 5

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Visually gorgeous
Interesting characters

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Slow moving

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Bad Day to Go Fishing is an interesting story about a swindler using his strong man partner to con people out of their money. It features a uniquely gorgeous visual style and interesting characters that make it an easy watch if you can get past some of the slow moving parts of the movie.

Posted February 9, 2013 by

Full Fiendish Findings?

Prince Orsini is a master manipulator and con artist at heart. He has teamed up with Jacob von Oppen, a former professional strong man and champion wrestler, to go from town to town to swindle the folks out of their money. He has developed a scheme where he finds and bribes a local bruiser to challenge the champion and throw the fight. Not even von Oppen is aware of the self proclaimed Prince’s ploy.

The next stop on Orsini’s tour of deception is a small fishing town called Santa Maria. Everything seems to be going as planned and is met with little resistance by anyone in the town until the boxer he hired decides to make a drunken spectacle of himself and gets tossed in the local jail for a few days making him unavailable for the setup challenge.

Everything begins to spiral out of Orsini’s control as the fiance of a local legend steps up to insist that he get a chance at earning the $1000 prize for lasting 3 minutes with the aging and out of shape world champion. The Prince, having no intentions of needing to actually put up the money for the contest, begins to lose control as the fiance insists on having the money escrowed.

Things become more dire for Orsini as it becomes all to apparent to him that many of the townsfolk are onto his charade. Even though he plans on skipping town before the fight that he doesn’t believe his champion can win, he finds his partner wasn’t so blind to his actions and has other plans.

Bad Day to Go Fishing is a visually beautiful movie. It is ripe with vibrant, almost surrealistic colors and scenes featuring great cinematography. Right off the bat it’s shown with street lights illuminating purple streets and pink hues lining the walls in the hotel room scenes. This is an aesthetically pleasing film to watch. Combine with that the interesting characters, and Bad Day to Go Fishing certainly was an entertaining film to watch.

That isn’t to say it’s without it’s faults. It can be more than a bit slow moving at times as the movie goes out of it’s way to show Prince Orsini’s scruples with a lot of small scams he pulls trying to weasel people out of a few bucks here and there.

Bad Day to Go Fishing is another example of the many foreign films that tend to go under the radar but certainly have their merits and are worth watching. Overall, it was a fresh story that was well made and gorgeous to watch that we don’t often see from the typical blockbusters that come out of Hollywood. If you are looking for a good story and interesting characters, this movie is worth the time to watch.


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