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Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD (iOS) Review

Secret Journeys: Cities of the World (iOS) Review
Secret Journeys: Cities of the World (iOS) Review
Secret Journeys: Cities of the World (iOS) Review

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Formats: iPad
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6.5/ 10

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We liked?

  • It's straight and to the point, if you're looking for hidden object, it has 'em!
  • Feels a little old-school, but offers a casual mode
  • I really like the photo mix-up puzzles

Not so much?

  • Not as flashy as other more-produced hidden object games
  • Playing in timed mode is a breeze... until later levels

Final Fiendish Findings?

Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD might not be the flashiest hidden object game, but it’s straight and to the point. You want hidden objects, come on in and find them!

Posted October 31, 2012 by

Full Fiendish Findings...

Secret Journeys: Cities of the World (iOS) Review

I’ve played a ton of hidden object games, primarily ones published by G5 Entertainment, a majority of which have been enjoyed immensely.  But variety is the spice of life, so when I was asked if I wanted to review a hidden object game, Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD, and it wasn’t a G5-published title, I was immediately interested to see what was in store.

If you’re somebody like me who has played a lot of other hidden object games, you’ll probably notice that the production quality on Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD isn’t as significant.  That’s not to say that Selectsoft made an inferior game, but you’ll certainly notice a difference in production value immediately upon start-up.  It definitely had a more indie studio feel to it, and if we’ve learned anything from the film and gaming industries over the last few years, independent developers are capable of some really fantastic titles.

Production qualities aside, Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD is straight and to the point.  You’re looking for hidden objects?  It has ‘em.  You don’t have to worry about a silly story that you’re probably going skip.  Secret Journeys isn’t going to waste your time.  Jump in and find your items.

Secret Journeys: Cities of the World (iOS) Review

Secret Journeys has an old school feel to it.  By default you’re given a time limit, and for every incorrectly identified hidden item, you get a point deduction.  You’re also given three hints, which will immediately identify one of your missing items.

Some puzzles require you to identify an object by a description, while others show you the silhouette of the item you must find.

At the beginning, the game is a breeze.  You have five minutes to find 9 items.  Because you already have 3 hints, you’ll only need to find 6 of the items and then you can hammer away on the hints to quickly finish the level.  This rule works well, until you complete one city’s set of puzzles and then move onto the next.   The puzzles are more demanding, and feature more hidden items.

Some of the objects are hidden in places that make sense, while others were been placed rather haphazardly throughout the level, almost in a way that seems like lazy development.  You’ll also see a lot of repeat objects from puzzle to puzzle.

At times, I wanted to say there was no rhyme or reason to the placement of items, but actually finding them was often times a challenge.  I may have complained, “What the hell is a knife doing floating in the sky?!” but I certainly had a helluva time finding it.  So, whether or not I agreed with the image placement, there was some merit to this chaotic image arrangement.

The most enjoyable feature to Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD were the mixed-up photo stages.  In these stages you’re presented with a scrambled photograph on a 5×8 grid, and you have to solve it in less than 10 minutes.  Unlike the hidden object puzzles, you are given no hints. You are given a starting point, along the bottom edge of the board, to help you build the base.  You’re also informed how many titles are in the wrong location.

The music offers a variety of world music melodies and songs, some of works well and don’t get in the way, while others are loud and a little distracting.

Overall, I liked what Secret Journeys: Cities of the World HD had to offer.  While it wasn’t as flashy as other games of the genre, and some of the items seemed to be thrown onto a scene rather than expertly placed (see the previous screen capture), the game doesn’t beat around the bush with it’s primary objective: if you’re looking for hidden objects, it has many for you to find.  Secret Journeys also offers a decent challenge, especially in later stages.

At a price of $2.99, it felt a little steep, especially when compared to similar hidden object games that offer free demos to give you a taste before deciding if you want to buy or pass.  It’s an enjoyable game, but I think the lower production value may turn off users expecting a bit more flash for their money.  I would personally recommend waiting for a price drop.

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