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Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review

Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review
Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review
Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review

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    • Charming and fun
      It's self awareness was funny to me
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    • Like other SlimCricket apps, it can be finished rather quickly (10-15 minutes)

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    SlimCricket’s latest family friendly, interactive story book app is Peepo and the Unfinished Story, and it’s their finest work to date.

    Posted May 28, 2014 by

    Full Fiendish Findings...

    Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review

    When day grows long, and my 4 and 6-year-old sons begin rubbing their eyes – it’s important to remember that when they do this, it is certainly is NOT because they’re in any way tired or sleepy, it’s because eyes just happen to be itchy -- one of the nightly routines before bedtime is reading a story.  Usually, we’ll settle down with a traditional book, but on some evenings, we’ll flip open the family iPad and start up one of the many interactive storybook apps.

    By far, the favorite story apps in our home are the ones created by SlimCricket.  They’re charming tales that mix traditional read-to-me stories with interactive environments and mini-games, designed to challenge and entertain young minds.  The latest application from Slim Cricket is titled Peepo and the Unfinished Story, and it is by far SlimCricket’s best work to date.  Both my children and I really enjoyed it.

    If you’ve played one of the several other fantastic SlimCricket apps, you will recognize some of the characters, like the protagonist Peepo the elf.

    Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review

    The unique part of this particular tale is the interesting way SlimCricket designed it.  Peepo and the Unfinished Story begins like other SlimCricket apps, but breaks down the “fourth wall” by introducing characters that are very much self aware that they are in an interactive storybook.  By enlisting help from you, the reader, Peepo can complete story and give it a proper ending.

    Peepo and the Unfinished Story features several mini-games, like the challenge of coloring in the dragon who has lost his color (see above).  There is even a game that harkens back to the days when Rock Band and Guitar Hero rules our video game consoles (see below).  The difficulty of the mini-games can be adjusted at the main menu.

    Even when not helping to solving a puzzle during one of the games many mini-games, there is always a multitude of objects in the background that the reader can interact with.

    Peepo and the Unfinished Story (iOS) Review

    Peepo and the Unfinished Story is best experienced on the larger screen of an iPad, but is also playable on the smaller screen of an iPhone.  It was reviewed on a third-generation iPad and ran beautifully.

    I also tested it on an iPhone 5C and while it ran well, I found the image scaling on the iPhone’s display to be shockingly less-than-impressive.  The image quality was blurry and lacked the sharp and clear imagery of the iPad, despite the iPhone 5C’s high-resolution retina display.

    Peepo is currently available on the iTunes App Store for $3.99 and is well worth the money.  It will take you about 10-15 minutes to play through it, but like other SlimCricket apps, the app is designed to be played through multiple times with varying degrees of difficulty.  There are also special surprises that are unlocked as you successfully work your way through this unfinished tale.

    If you haven’t played a SlimCricket application before, do yourself a favor and start with this one.  It’s by far my favorite, and your kids will love you for it.

    Troy Benedict



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