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The Secrets of the Notebook (Book) Review


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A fascinating book on many different levels.

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The account does tend to wander at times.

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Author Eve Haas delivers an engrossing true story of the search for her family’s history that spanned decades.

Posted November 12, 2013 by

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Author Eve Haas delivers an engrossing true story of the search for her family’s history that spanned decades.

Eve Haas has an extremely interesting life in her own rite. As a Jewish child in Nazi Germany, she fled the country with her mother, father, and older brother in a nerve-wracking bid to escape the terrible fate that met so many of her Jewish friends and relatives. The story of her roots in Nazi Germany, the successful escapes of her family, and extended family, and her subsequent trip to visit the very concentration camp where a beloved family member spent her last days, are a heartbreaking tale that make for a great read on their own merit.

All those things and more do play a hefty role in The Secrets of the Notebook – but they aren’t what it’s all about. You see, shortly before Eve’s family left Germany, her father was given a family heirloom for safekeeping. Eve saw it briefly as a child, but she had no idea then how very much it would affect her life in later years. This is a book about her quest to uncover the secrets of the notebook, thereby uncovering the history of her own family – as well as that of the Prussian prince who was her great-great-grandfather.

Little was known about the notebook. Eve was told only that it had belonged to her great-great-grandmother, who had married a wealthy prince. Nothing else was passed along – other than the fact that this was a family secret meant to be hidden. The family had their own ideas about why, but no one really knew for sure. Years after, Eve Haas became determined to figure out exactly what had happened to her ancestors, and why their connection had been hidden for so long.

Little did she know as began her journey, it was a task that would span decades. Seemingly every piece of information on the Prussian prince had been hidden away, and noted historians had spent years trying to access it to no avail. From perilous trips to archives behind the Berlin Wall, to painstaking trips to libraries and museums all over Europe, Eve Haas and her family painstakingly pieced together a tale of romance, love, betrayal, and more that had affected her family in the most unexpected ways. It’s a fascinating story, made all the more incredible by the fact that it is all true, told in Eve’s own words.


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