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Revealing Us (Book) Review


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Page Count: 304
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2.5/ 5

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An intriguing story involving mysterious journals and an abandoned storage unit.

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The story is often abandoned for other pursuits.

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Revealing Us is the third installment in Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out Trilogy.

Posted September 26, 2013 by

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It’s about to get steamy up in this.

Revealing Us is the third installment in Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out Trilogy. Unlike many series, this is a trilogy that is truly best read in order, as each book is a continuation of the last, with one story line running through the entire series. In the first book, Sara (the heroine of the trilogy) has been gifted a storage unit full of another woman’s belongings by a friend who is eloping to Paris with her mysterious new boyfriend.

As Sara reads through the highly erotic and increasingly disturbing journals found in the storage unit, she becomes more and more convinced that the writer, Rebecca, is in danger. And so, she sets off on a quest to find her that somehow finds her living Rebecca’s life in a way – taking over her job, questioning her old coworkers, and desperately trying to guess who is the “Master” in the journals. As more and more of Rebecca’s life is revealed, more and more questions seem to appear, and the only person Sara can depend on is her artist boyfriend Chris – but who is he really?

Revealing Us continues with Sara’s quest to uncover all there is to know about Rebecca, but even more so about Chris, all while her concern for her eloped friend Ella grows. As she follows Chris to Paris, both to prove her love and to search for her friend, her relationship with Chris is threatened by demons from the past the neither of them is willing to face head on. One thing is for certain – either they’ll find each other completely in Paris, or their relationship is doomed.

Revealing Us is a difficult book to review, because your enjoyment of the book really depends on what you are looking to get out of it, even more so than most. While the story concept of lost journals in an abandoned storage unit is really quite good, it is in no way the real focus of the story. To put it bluntly, were you to cut out all of the sex from the Inside Out Trilogy, all three books would be about five pages combined. If a sexy, steamy read is what you’re after, you’ll still want to make sure you have an open mind, as the main focus of Revealing Us is on the BDSM tendencies of nearly all the characters. For me…it was a bit too much. But if you’re going into it knowing what to expect, then you may well be looking for that level of in depth…description.

Revealing Us is the third installment in a steamy series featuring fine art, fast cars, and wealthy men – and the women who submit to them. While it was a bit too much for me on pretty much every level, the story line is actually quite an interesting one. Readers who know what they’re getting into will find a mystery that encompasses all three books, and a whole lotta lovin’.


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