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Pokemon Visual Companion (Book) Review


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Tons of great illustrations and interesting anecdotes.

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A few distracting typos.

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With numerous quality illustrations and entertaining stories on every subject, it’s a great gift for Poke-fans, young and old.

Posted December 14, 2013 by

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Sure to be on the list of young Pokemon aficionados this year, the Pokemon Visual Companion is a sturdy hardcover volume that offers a comprehensive look at all things Pokemon. Intended as a companion book to the popular cartoon series, it packs a lot of Pokemon knowledge into its 208 pages.

The Pokemon Visual Companion is basically the Who’s Who of the Pokemon world. Each page is packed with information. Starting with the peerless Ash Ketchum and the journey to becoming a Pokemon Master that began the show, the book covers a variety of subjects and characters from each region of the animated series. Each subject features vibrant full color illustrations, as well as anecdotes and facts from the series. For instance, the many Pokemon featured often come with stories about when they were first introduced, or amusing stories of Ash’s encounters with them.

Also featured are the many supporting characters from the series. From Nurse Joy to Team Rocket, all of the character descriptions are complete with tales of their many adventures with Ash. You’ll also find lists of the Pokemon favored by the other characters, complete with stats and tales of epic battles. Since the book is intended for ages six and up, most of the descriptions are rather brief, preferring to tell the stories efficiently and fill the pages with eye catching illustrations. This makes for a book that is a joy to page through (even for pre-readers), yet still appealing to older Pokemon fans. I did note a few typos throughout the book. While it was only a few, it was disappointing in a book for young readers, as I’ve always believed seeing the words in print is the best way for kids to learn.

As you would expect, there are tons of Pokemon featured in the book, making it a great resource for kids who just can’t get enough of their favorite show. Whether they’re the type who love to spout off facts about them, practice sketching them, or just educate themselves enough to hold their own with the other Pokemon experts on the playground, there is a wealth of material available here, including stats, origins, and more. With numerous quality illustrations and entertaining stories on every subject, it’s a great gift for Poke-fans, young and old.


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