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Kidjacked: A Father’s Story (Book) Review


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A wrenching true story.

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As a memoir, it can only be one side of the story.

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; your kids are gone, and you have no idea how you’re going to get them back.

Posted March 30, 2013 by

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; your kids are gone, and you have no idea how you’re going to get them back.

In Scott Lesnick’s case, the nightmare was even more cruel, as the one person he should have been able to trust completely was the very person who tore his whole world apart. What happened next was up to Scott, but he was walking a road that was uncharted, and he had very little in precedence to help make his case. He would have to chart his own course, and the very course of his life and those of his children would depend upon his success. Kidjacked is the story of how he pulled it off, but it’s also the story of the times that led up the kidnapping, and the convoluted legal battles that followed.

The most chilling part of Kidjacked is that it is a true story. In the early ‘90s, Scott Lesnick was (he thought) a fairly happily married man. His wife, Liza, was from Israel, but they had agreed to live and work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They had two small children, Jonathon and Alexandra, whom Scott was devoted to. Scott had a good job, they had a nice house, and plenty of friends. Scott was living the American dream – or so he thought.

When Liza decided to take the children for an extended visit to her family in Israel, Scott had no way of knowing how very much that one decision would change everything. He had no idea that Liza had no intention of ever coming back – and once he found out, he had no idea how to get his family back. Under Israeli law, what Liza had done was not a crime, and Scott had very few options. Determined to get his kids back at all costs, he spent months formulating a plan that would ultimately cost him thousands upon thousands of dollars, not to mention years of stress for him and his kids.

Kidjacked is an absolutely gripping story. From those first moments of terror, hearing that the kids were not coming back, to the court battles, to the frustrations of a man fighting for custody in a system that seemingly favored the mother, you feel like you are right there with Scott – and his was no easy fight. Though you hear stories all the time, the realities of divorce and custody are simply brutal when seen through the eyes of a parent. When you throw in multiple international fights, this is a story that will have you holding your kids a little closer.

Kidjacked isn’t one of those feel-good stories that sugarcoat things and leave you feeling obliviously cheerful at the end. What it is, is a raw, unfiltered account of a near unimaginable situation, and it simply leaves you amazed at the lengths that were gone to in what should have been a cut and dried case. As parents, we all feel we’d go to the ends of the earth for our children, but Scott Lesnick did just that against all odds to bring his kids back home where they belonged. Kidjacking is a riveting tale that I simply could not put down.


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  • Sounds like a great story, but how anxiety-ridden were you while reading. Can’t imagine it’s one of those books you read to unwind before bed. ;)

    • Actually, it was double for me. My brother’s now ex-wife is originally from Iran, and my mom used to freak out whenever she wanted to take the kids over there to visit family. THey’re divorced now, and my brother has the passports, but it’s something that’s still in the back of your mind, ya know?

  • Bob

    Love Love Love this book, couldn’t put it down.